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The Empty Leg Finder - Check out the empty legs available in the USA. Empty private jet legs can provide the perfect travel solution. Please contact us today for a free enquiry or to book your next empty leg trip. For more information about the empty leg charters, click on the "Contact" buttons. A flight with empty legs is the cheapest way to charter a private jet.

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FACT: About 40% of private aircraft are flying without passenger in the cab. We are proud to be able to provide such air fares with up to 50% discount. The Empty Leg Jet Charter is the first step we have taken and offers Empty Leg and Empty Leg Charter related charter solutions. While our businesses have grown beyond mere emptiness, we make wonderful use of them for usable airline enquiries.

Our empty legs enable us to provide Private Jet Air Specials and One Way Jet Charter every day. If you are requesting a one-way or return ticket that typically requires minimal per diem fees, we use Private Jet Empty Leg Flights to provide you with the most competitively priced offering in the industry.

The Empty Leg Air Charter is a great instrument that we use to your advantage for all your customer enquiries. To request an Empty Leg Jet Charter offer for empty cross country flights, please call us or use our on-line request form.

Rent a private plane through empty routes and enjoy all the luxuries and services?

A " empty foot " is nothing more than an aeronautical concept for an empty plane of a private plane. With these jets, you can pick up or set down your passenger at a specific time. They can be operated at very competitive prices. At all times we keep our high standard of quality and services.

Rent a private plane through empty routes and enjoy all the luxuries and services? Let us know what your holiday destinations are and we'll find out if there are any ways to make your trip idle. Want more information about empty legs? Feel free to get in touch with us or fill in the offer questionnaire.

You will receive a quote or an offer within 24hrs. When you need a quote directly, you can call us 24 h a day on +31 (0) 40 235 04 50.

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