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The professional staff of the Central Flying Service offers you a very personal service to find exactly the right aircraft for your needs. Central Flying Service is today the leading general aviation company in the Mississippi Delta through its uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything we do. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for the Central Flying Service in Little Rock, AR.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft

As Claud Holbert made his first solo ascent at the tender age of 17, something magic was happening; a unique event that would transform him forever, he knew that particular moment what his life's work would be. Over the next few years Claud devoted himself to improving his aeronautical abilities and establishing links in the expanding aerospace sector.

When he was 29 years old, he was willing. In December of this year, he took out a $1,241 mortgage and bought a 1939 model aircraft - formally opened for trading on a stretch of Arkansas River property. In December 1939 Adam's box became home to the Central Flying Service.

Claud Holbert, with little more than a love of flying and a small credit from the local banking community, layed the foundations for today's Premiere General Aviation Firm in the South and the oldest and biggest flying academy in the area. President Franklin D. Roosevelt began a piloting programme on 27 December 1938 in expectation of America's unavoidable entrance into the European war.

Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP) was launched. The Central Flight Service began to prepare the pilot for the enormous challenge of these wars. The CPTP became WTS; Was Training Service as expected after the Pearl Harbor assault. The Central purchased a Ford Tri engine, and the state's first privately owned flight service was launched.

From 1945 to 1950, over twenty airlines began operating in or around Adams Field. However, the Central Flying Service under the direction of Claud Holbert prospered in a demanding business climate. Now was the right moment to start growing. In 1948, Central Arkansas became the first Beechcraft retailer. Bonanza was launched in Arkansas this year when Claud was given series number 23, starting a partnership that continues to this date.

Up until 1956, Central ran an aid station in North Little Rock, as prescribed by CPTP and WTS rules. The Central Airport, as it was known, housed two lawns, a hanger, tanks and a cafeteria. Claud Holbert's small company, with hangers and land on both sides of the stream, has been widely recognised as an important, expanding part of the Central Arkansas world.

The Arkansas Air National Guard, Winthrop Rockefeller, Raymond Rebsamen and Chris Finkbeiner were among the most important clients in the 50s and 60s. 1964 Central of Beech Aircraft got the distinction "as the first Beechcraft distributor with a turnover of more than one million dollars". Forrest Stolzer, a central flight attendant, was honored by the FAA with the National Aviation Mechanics safety awards in 1968 for his innovative aviation security.

In the same year, Don Holbert, Claud's eldest son, came home from six and a half years of service in the U.S. Army to become vice president. Don received the distinguished flying cross for Valor as a chopper pilots and 32 other air medals for his work in Vietnam. Centrally grew by leaps forwards, set benchmarks and set trend.

In 1975 it was Claud Holbert's turn to retirement. Mr. Holbert took over as President and Mr. Dick Holbert served as Executive Vice President. They say Claud never really quit. "As Dick would like to remember years later, "he withdrew several occasions. "It must have been tough for a man who was lying about his old age so he could join the Arkansas Air National Guard in 1926 to move away from something he had devoted himself to with all his heart for over 50 years.

Claud Holbert never really went. It is his visions, guidance and integration that form the basis of the central airline service. Today we share his dedication and dedication to top performance in general aviation. Our company is a result of his work. It was Claud who liked to ride. A lot of people who knew him like to say that he spend more flying around the world than anyone on the planet.

He is a unique contributor to aeronautics in the state of Arkansas. Under the direction of Mickey McGill, Central's Parts Department was the first Beechcraft dealer in 1980 to achieve a turnover of more than one million dollar. Don Holbert became Chairman of the Board in March 1981 when Claud resigned and Dick took over the chair.

In 1982 Claud was admitted to the Arkansas Aircraft Hall of Fame. Over the next few years, Central would further expand, overcome barriers and provide general aviation iconic instructions, services and assistance. Beechcraft's recognition of a number of distribution, service and aircraft education achievements, as well as major building contracts, have further strengthened Central's presence in Adams Field.

The addition of the Flight Deck to The Flight Deck restaurant and the introduction of General Aviation to The Greatest Cheeseburger in Aviation History are among Central's success stories. When it comes to aeronautics, we've done it. Central became the biggest FBO in the word in 2002 with the takeover of Midcoast aviation.

Covering more space than any other institution in the world, Central began to offer clients the best engineering and aesthetics service in the world. Following enormous expansion and constant service excellence, Don and Dick Holbert were admitted to the Arkansas Aviation Hall of Fame in 2006.

By 2017, Central's Flight Training School had passed the threshold of 475,000 flight hours. Claud Holbert's commitment remains to the visions and ideas he brings to everything he does. Everybody at Central knows the history of the dreams of a young man who brings general air travel to the state of Arkansas. America's leading position in the world economy is driven by General Aviation. Here are a few examples.

The Central is an integrated part of the world's premier aviation system. For more information about Central Flying Service, please go to our stores and divisions on-line and see what our clients have to say about the continuity and excelence they bring back to headquarters.

We' re looking forward to helping you.

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