Average Private Jet Flight Cost

Private jet average cost of air travel

Cost of a private jet. Here's an option: fly the private jet. When you want to bring someone, you rent two places and pay double. Would a private flight cost you less? How much does it cost to charter a plane?

What time is it good to visit on a private jet?

Privately jetted trips are something most travellers fantasise about, with a few happy ones actually experiencing it. Whilst the high fares may seem like a rush - Private Fly has recently found flyers that charter a long-haul jet in this expanding business, costing an average of around $76,500 - are there periods when private aircraft bookings are actually worthwhile?

Sometimes business travel simply doesn't work or is very unpleasant. Travellers can either travel to Vegas or Phoenix and spend five and a half hour, or take a very small local flight so SmartFlyer can take them to Page, Ariz, on a medium-haul jet. "2 "2. If wasting your life cost cash.

Desert Jet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Denise Wilson added that it often makes economic business sense for businesses and corporations to consider the lost of working hours. It cites the example of the flight from Palm Springs to Fresno, a seven-hour trip with business travel (taking into account commuting times, aircraft transfer and waiting time), a six-hour trip or a 45-minute flight on a private jet.

If it is similar to commercially firstclass. Back to Wilson's example, when I set the same route for July 4 to July 8 for six persons - the maximum airlines allowed you to make reservations online - the cost was $5,915 return with Linear Air. Then you can actually make savings on the private jet and have a more luxury outing.

A major advantage of private jet travel is that it will save you a lot of effort and money, especially if you have to travel to several towns in a few minutes. He cites the example of the flight from New York - Green Bay - Rockford - New York in one single flight which would cost a group of four people in a private aircraft about 30,000 dollars.

If you include the wages of four staff members and their stay in hotels in each town - because that would not be possible with one flight per night - it makes sence. The Jet Edge International also provided the example of New York - Boston - Pontiac (Mich.) - Philadelphia in one single date, an example that cost its customers 44,000 dollars.

Just the effort of organising each stage and planning every meeting would make the private air travel worthwhile (not to speak of Boston to Pontiac, where there were no results from a hipmunk ticket query). If you consider the amount of free travel and the value of an individual - i.e. the chief executive officer loses cash when staff are idling - then the private jet makes more business sense. What's more, the private jet makes more economic use of the available resources.

If you are a private flyer, you don't have to be concerned about safety lanes, getting to the airports early or storing fluids under a certain exemption. Just show up, parking near the aircraft, show your ID and get on. And even if you travel internationally, the custom procedure is much easier.

On a well developed itinerary, also internationally. Usually, if a tour is well-liked, you will find many business opportunities, and the private services may not be valuable. Holtz, for example, noted that four persons who fly two night flights from New York to London would spend about $90,000 on the return journey, each lasting about six an hour and 30 a minute.

Business Class tickets for the same flight for four on United Airlines would throw you back $28,231. $44 in Delta Business Class or $64,984 in American Airlines First Class, with approximately the same duration for each stage (no more than seven and a half hours).

That' be about $150,000 roundtrip, 13hrs. Air France had similar flight timing option for $38,951 for a four-person Business Class round flight when setting the price for a scheduled flight. Please be aware that some airline companies had stays of almost five hour on this itinerary. lf the saving of your precious valuable experience can't be compared to the intoxication.

Yes, private jet flights are usually more straightforward and luxury, but check your route and flight schedule, as many national non-stop flights on favourite itineraries take about the same amount of each other. Once again, you will be saving a lot of extra travel hours on your flight.

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