Cost of a Private Jet to Rent

Costs for a private jet for rent

In a commercial aircraft you rent a seat. Flying in a business jet has many advantages, so it makes sense that it costs a little more. Which is an easiest way to assess the cost of private jet charter?

It' all a matter of good judgement and you could reasonably find a calculation modelling tool after collecting half a dozen actual offers. Allow me to say in advance I have no idea, but I am willing to wager that it is about forty to sixty fold the cost of a first grade fare or sixty to one hundred fold the cost of a least expensive fare.

In order to construct a prototype, first of all you need to choose whether you want to know it per seating position or per aircraft. Costs are practically the same regardless of whether a commercial aircraft has twelve passengers or all passengers are full, as the extra petrol is small in relation to the overall volume. Costs factors: Others supplies (each landings will probably use 1/1000th of the cost of tires).

In a similar way to creating a cost paradigm for an automotive taxicab, you begin with making estimates about the minimum and maximum values of what cost must be recovered to stay in business. Most of the cost of the components is the cost of the aircraft. Depending on its initial cost (size, velocity, attractiveness), it can be as low as $2,000 per head per night to almost tenfold the best.

Alternatively, the car owners consider any revenue as good once they have reduced costs, similar to airline companies that are willing to pay the last place for something more than the cost of the meals. The costs in this case could be low if, for example, it is a company jet used for executive committee sessions, etc., and they consider it already cover.

Therefore, it should not cost you additional that the jet holder has to make a payment to get his aircraft from Boston to New York for you. So if you would take a Gulfstream from New York to Chicago over night, I think the cost of the return trip could reasonably be $40,000 (7 h propellant $14,000, 2 day pilots $1,000, airfare and maintenance, $1,000, 2 day aircraft use $24,000).

Well, for eight people, it would only cost $5,000 a people.

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