Certified Secretary

A certified secretary

Acquiring your certification data proves your suitability as an administrator and office support professional. Who are certified skilled employees? The secretaries are administrative specialists who manage the office activities and carry out various office activities.

CAP Certification - IAAP

Acquiring your certificate data proves your suitability as an administrator and bureau technical supporter. Obtaining and retaining your Certified Administration Professionals (CAP) is proof of your expertise and your command of the most important skills: Show your employers that you are a valued member of a dedicated career advancement group. Creates precious trust both personally and professionally.

Offers new careers and a distinct edge over non-certified candidates. Certifying is a cost-effective way to demonstrate that your skills are meaningful and up-to-date. They pass the sector specific test of wisdom on the basis of competence evaluation and sector competence. Valuational accreditation is obtained by fulfilling several different criteria that distinguish it from other types of education or learning programmes.

Necessary degree of knowledge and training. Pass a strict test. The examination is not linked to any particular programme or course provided by the certification authority. Continuous further training through re-certification demands. CAP testing is carried out throughout North America and twice a year at selected sites around the world. The system is built on a profesionally designed and tested BOK (Body of Knowledge).

CAP has six areas that each have a unique POP and are valued at a certain percent of the examination contents. Results are in-depth, quantifiable capabilities built on best practice in a variety of sectors, typically employing administrators. These areas provide the key and most important information, abilities and objectives the candidates should know in order to successfully complete the examination.

Please click here to get the CAP Code of Knowledge. After approval, the candidate must take and successfully complete the CAP examination. Please refer to CAP Certification Manual 2018 for details. Applicants must have undergone special training and the administration will provide assistance with the working knowledge they have: You must have acquired all your pertinent occupational experiences within the last ten years.

Which is the appropriate work placement level? The CAP certificate is aimed at business and administration specialists who deal with some, if not all, of the following topics: Once you have met one of the above combination of training and work experiences, you are prepared to fill out your CAP request. In order to take the CAP examination, you must fill out the Certified Administration Pro's latest form.

Member affiliation toIAAP is not necessary for CAP accreditation, but members get a discount on the examination and examination documentation. When you are a new applicant for the CAPP examination, you must provide the following: Certificate of compliance with the Code of Conduct of Association (included in the application), which is a mandatory certificate for all members of Association and is now a mandatory certificate for all individuals receiving CAP registration, regardless of member state.

IAAP's Code of Conduct is published here on the IAAP website. IAAP must receive all requests within the specified time limits.

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