Round the World Ticket Price

Ticket price around the world

Prices vary greatly depending on your departure point, number of flights, distance flown, continents served and class. The prices increase according to seasonality, route and specific requirements. What does a world tour entail? It is one of the first things that anyone considering a journey around the world asks: How much will it be? It is our best way to determine the price of a journey around the world.

It is difficult to give an accurate response to this issue because each journey is built on different factors such as goals, timings and driving styles.

What variable affects your expenses? Those things have the biggest impact on the price of your trip: If you are on the road - your timings have a big impact on the total price of a circumnavigation. Pricing at a particular place can differ greatly according to the season (also known as seasonality).

Wherever you go - Some parts of the world are more costly than others. Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan will charge more. India, Southeast Asia and Central America will reduce costs. Doing what you do when you're there - Experiencing adventure every single passing day will drive up the overall costs of your itinerary.

Your choice of luxurious levels will have a big impact on the costs of your journey. What is usually contained in the costs for a worldtour? There' really only a few things folks pay for when they travel: Airfare - Travelling from area to area. Calculate the costs of your flight with our TripPlanner or call one of our free Personal Travel Consultants on (415) 977-7100 for a fast quote.

When you need a blanket price for your $3300 account use it. When your journey is lower, that's a plus! Naturally you can combine during your journey. Accommodation is the most costly part of your holiday package after airline ticket. $20-40 per overnight in low-cost areas and $90-150 in costly areas.

You can find a hostel for under $5 in low-cost areas and even in the most costly areas it is hard to find a hostel over $25. It varies from dish to dish. Forecast $1-5 per meals per person in low-cost areas and $5-20 per meals per person denominated in costly areas.

You' re gonna be spending cash to do things, of course. Expenses depend on how far you go and how quickly. A car ride through the city in Africa is less than a buck. Hiring a Mercedes in Dubai could be $500. There is a general agreement among travellers who have taken these journeys that a year on the roads is between $20,000 and $30,000.

However, if you are a small backpack tourist, you could potentially spend a year traveling the world at $6,000 (it was done!) For argument's sake, let's calculate a convenient RTW annual at $24,000. By breaking it down into months, a Round the World journey costs one individual about $2,000 a person a month, taking everything into account.

Remember that the longer the journey, the less you need to stay every single night just because you don't have to go to the airport every single night for extra activity or work. And if you want more tough figures about how much a world tour costs, there is a choice of blogs who have published their figures on-line so everyone can check and rate them.

Jack and Jill have put together some of the best of them. For one year, the RTW Expenses blogs have put together an overview of the cost of an RTW journey.

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