Vantaa Taxi number

Taxi Vantaa Number

Journey with Lähitaksi to and from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Order a taxi - Lähitaksi Please call 0100 7300 (service costs 1,25 /call+ 0,25 /10s + local net fee). A free and easy-to-use tool for ordering a taxi in the metropolitan area. It is also possible to book a taxi in advanced. Pre-booking can be done by phone 0100 7300 (service costs 1,25 /call+ 0,25 /10s + local net fee) or via Lähitaksi mobiles.

Please consider your wishes for a mini van for a large number of persons (max. 8 persons) when making your reservation. Prebookings for Friday - Saturday and Saturday - Sunday transporters must be made by 21.00 of the foreday. As well as ordering a taxi from the centre of Lähitaksi, you can also call the closest taxi stand and order the vehicle to the desired adress.

If you call the taxi number 1066xxx, you need the prefix 09 before the number. The number of mobile phones abroad is +358 9 1066xxx. Telephone numbers to the taxi stands can be found here as "Taksiasemat". When there are no taxi available at the taxi stand, the call is redirected to an available taxi nearby.

In case there are no taxi available in the vicinity, the call is forwarded to Lähitaksi-Center. In case of cancellations, the rider has the right to invoice the entry fees. Please cancel your reservation one or more hours before your sailing date.

The Lähitaksi is in charge of the transmission of client orders to the truckers. As soon as a rider authorises an order, the rider assumes full control of the provision of that order. Journey with Lähitaksi to and from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

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