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Metropolitan flights by airlines

In the same way that return tickets to the same city used to be the right way, return tickets in general are the same. Single, round trip or multiple trip tickets. Booking a flight from the USA to Europe or Iceland today. Exit City view All cities.

Choose a location and city

Search the Hauptmenu with the Tab or Alt + arrows; go to each section with the Return-Button; search the checkboxes in the MenĂ¼ with the Arrow-Buttons or through each of the items with the Tab-Button. 16 >=16 >=16 >=16 Number of passenger, adults: Tab through any region and hit Return to go, then use Tab to move through any country and click Return to go to the listing of any city.

Use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the lists of towns and click the tab key to return to the states.


Hints for vouchers. The voucher can be redeemed after the downloading. Reduced rate vouchers can only be used for reservations and payments on-line if members sign up with the voucher. Flight vouchers for intercontinental flights cannot be used for travel plan changes or upgrade awards. Ticket must be re-issued to calculate the reduced amount.

Passenger vouchers for home flights cannot be used in conjunction with other discount offers for the disabled and older people. The itinerary cannot be modified if reduced vouchers have been used. Because vouchers cannot be used on already bought seats, you must pay a reimbursement charge and buy back the seat to redeem the voucher.

Reductions apply only to flights, not to additional petrol, taxes and other fees. Rebate vouchers cannot be applicable to codeshare flights and airline ticket purchases. Voucher can only be used by the Member and cannot be transfered to others, even members of your immediate families (not available if your miles are used by others).

Redemption frequent flyer miles cannot be redeemed for either money or miles, and the remainder of miles on used frequent flyer miles cannot be re-used or accrued. In the case of cancelled Ticket with applicable vouchers, the voucher may be re-used within the validity date. Vouchers cannot be used for extra luggage fees, use of the lounges and other miles deductions.

50 percent Upgraded Reward Vouchers cannot be used on airline ticket discounts of 50 percent or more, ticket without seating upgrades, milestone ticket, free ticket and group ticket (G or T class). 50 percent upgraded vouchers can also be used as 10,000-Mile Grand Vouchers after the voucher has been changed through the Asiana Club (1588-8180).

The Asianaoupons can only be used once. The Asianaoupons can be used within the validity term and are no longer usable after the expiry date. Choose a voucher to make a booking with reduced kilometres. Discount vouchers only become effective if the customer uses the voucher. The holder of the voucher must have the voucher for voucher rebates issue the voucher seperately.

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