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Discuss if your company has unique insurance policies. With ACS you can offer your customers more travel options, be it a one-time charter flight or a larger capacity for large tours. Charter Jets Today, personal on-demand charter airlines are more available to people and businesses than ever before. Our charter fleet is a complete one. Our promise is that we will surpass all of your charter requirements.

Quit complaining about limited corporate flight fares that restrict your ability to reach major economic centers and holidaymakers.

Our aim is to provide you with the greatest possible level of intimacy before, during and after your flight. A lot of jets charter companies dramatically highlight empty routes and one-way trips. Because of our renown in the charter market place, our customers can count on a significant rebate on any business flight. In order to optimise the budget, our charter airline experts discuss the best price for the best luxurious planes.

Charter planes provide charter passengers with direct flight routes to places that cannot be reached by business travel. With no stopovers or links, charters of privately owned jets are a more effective use of your available resources. The specialization of each charter company determines what we can provide our customers. Our ability to commercialize your aircrafts in our privately owned charter business and tailor an airplane maintenance programme to your needs.

Benefit from all the advantages of having your own personal plane without the expense and obligations. Keep your charter plane clear for take off within a few short flying minutes of your booking. As soon as you top up your Freedom Gold Club Deposit with just $25,000, the Freedom Gold Club Gold is your airline credit travel card. Just like every flight over our preferred network, the price of the flight is subtracted from your bankroll.

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We are a privately held charter airline that is a leading provider of airline solutions for passengers and freight, airline logistic and programme development, missions dedicated aircrafts and assistance for privately held chartering. Our globally established partner base allows our charter airline to offer a full range of airline related activities at a glance anywhere in the globe.

Charter flight operations for public authorities and managers of the economy often need a certain kind of charter plane for a certain job or a certain assignment. The CSI will supply charter aeroplanes that range from choppers, turbo-props, executive planes, statics or aerial planes for flight instruction to monitoring aeroplanes. Besides chartering privately for sport team, company, federal agency, trade group and individual, we also operate privately chartered air transportation as well as air transportation logistic and charter flight privately managed programmes.

CSI is not restricted to a single kind of charter service as a privately owned charter airline and not only as an operating carrier of a particular kind of airplane. We are a privately owned charter airline with exceptional versatility and no geographical limitations, neither with logistic assistance for privately chartered flights nor with the administration of privately chartered flight programmes.

CSI' s service in the armed forces since 1983 has provided airline companies with an expert representative before the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to meet aviation air transport needs. These include dealing with Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) matters and co-ordinating national and multinational charter flight requests. CSI has entered into a number of government contracts since 1990, which include chartering, leasing, purchasing, and servicing airplanes, as well as maintaining, stand-by, and managing aircrafts.

Many charter flight agreements have been concluded with various governments by our charter airline. CSI has had a GSA timetable for charter aircraft and aircraft leasing since 2004. Our GSA charter timetable provides the opportunity for the Federal Administration to use a comfortable contractual instrument for a wide variety of charter airline charter operations with certificated airlines.

CSI has been providing ground and propellant services since 2009, drawing on years of charter flight support expertise, and is a global aircraft fuels retailer.

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