Boeing 737 Business Jet Price

737 Boeing Business Jet Price

More detailed information, specifications, interior, fuel costs, features and pictures of the Boeing Business Jet 737 700c aircraft. This high-tech custom-made 737 will connect you to Boeing. The Boeing has not indicated the exact price for this aircraft. BBJ is based on the Boeing 737, a commercial aircraft capable of carrying about 150 passengers. Description The Boeing Business Jet is a member of the 737 family.

Specifications and descriptions Boeing Business Jet 737

Boeing Business Jet is a member of the 737 series. Together, the 737s have over 60 million flying manhours and are still very much in demand on the civil aerospace sector. There is no other jet that provides so much room and so much dependability in the cab. The BBJ is, after all, a descendent of airliners that have been developed for many years.

Boeing Business Jet's full name is BBJ 737-700 IGW. The IGW means "Increased Gross Weight", which is mainly due to the solid cab and the higher tank throughput. It has more sq ft than some office space - 807 sq ft - and measures far above any other personal jet: 79. 2 ft long, 7. 1 ft high and 11.

Six foot across. Entire cab capacity is 5,390 cbm. You can configure the 5,390 m³ cab almost anywhere. The majority of configuration subdivide the cab into four sections (in additional to a crews quiet area). In general, the four sections comprise a meeting room, a living room, a double room (with a double berth on request), a business desk and two toilets with shower facilities.

Flight Authority Digital Control (FADEC) optimises their power and efficiency. All motor-related functions that are not managed by the FADEC, such as push adjustment, are automatically managed by the Flight Management System (FMS). Despite its large dimensions and 171,000 lb take-off mass, the BBJ can take off from a 5,885-foot altitude take-off and landing strip at ocean altitude.

In a height of 5,000 ft and a 77°F operating temperature, the necessary take-off and landing strip is increased to 9,645 ft. By way of illustration, the mean take-off range of heavier commercial aircraft at ocean height is 5,500ft. MTOW of these privately owned aircraft averages £52,000, equivalent to 30% of the MTOW of the BBJ.

A further area in which the solid BBJ functions like one of the "light" (compared to heavy) personal jet aircraft is the climbing ratio. It'?ll go right up to 37,000 in 25 mph. With 39,000 ft, it achieves an optimum long-distance cruising capacity of 451 ctas. The amount of take-off and runway needed for landings will not be a restrictive element either: the BBJ only needs 2,330 ft to make a landingspan of four passenger aircraft and NBAA IFRs.

However, to further illustrate this point, consider the following: The 737s should be operated 10-12 hrs per night every year. It is expected that this number will rise to 112,500 flying lessons after more flying lessons have been collected. One way or the other, this means that a BBJ can be operated every 10 or 12 hour days, every 24 and 15 years (23 years if the prolonged lifecycle is approved).

Boeing Business Jet complies with FAR Part 25 Amendment 77 Standard for Failure Resistance and Egress. This also fulfils the requirements of Amendment No 84 for peak and low level cruising. The changes are intended for airliners that often travel to areas where the next runway is 60 min away.

Flugsteuerungen itself are extreme simple to operate, so that also Piloten from third country with little flying education can use them. Although every FAA-qualified flyer who can operate a Boeing Business Jet has extensive experiences, the thought is still reassuring.

There is no lack of control or system perception technologies that could be added to a commercially or privately owned aircraft. It is the embodiment of everything that is wanted in a personal jet for those who can easily buy it.

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