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A number of Europe's low cost airlines, including some of the largest and most established are easyJet, Ryanair Norwegian and Wizz Air. They have stimulated air traffic within Europe by drastically reducing fares. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Discount_airlines_around_the_world">Discount Airlines weltweit[edit]

Unlike full-service or legacies airlines, low-cost airlines are also referred to as no-frills or low-cost (LCC) airlines. The probably first such carrier was Sir Freddy Laker's "Skytrain" of the 70'. Southwest Airlines in the USA revolutionised US aviation by operating a fleet of Boeing 737 planes to reduce servicing expenses and eliminate the "frills" of aviation.

There is no air carrier established and audited in an OECD member state that is capable of compromising security, and most LCCs have very young aircrafts. Please see the Australia articles for information on low cost airlines operating long-haul services to Australia. It should be noted that within a number of jurisdictions, such as Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Iran, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc., home air services are not sold as "discount" or "no frills", but their home air fare structure has always competed with "discount" airlines in other parts of the globe over equal or similar distance and have always been prior to the emergence of "discount" airlines in Europe and Asia.

In other large or continental economies such as the United States, Brazil, the European Union, India and China, the major "legacies" or citizens are competing for or undercutting the "discount carriers". Several airlines provide low cost air travel from one country to another. From Sharjah, Air Arabia[1][2] has low-cost services to the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and Turkey.

There are also subsidiaries or sister companies of Arabia Egypt and Arabia Maroc (Morocco) that fly from North Africa to the Middle East and South Asia (Pakistan). London Gatwick, Mumbai and Delhi. It is a charters carrier operating flights from Canada to points in Europe, Florida and some parts of the Canadians.

Condor[ 5 ] headquartered in Germany serves Europe and the Middle East, America, Africa and Asia. Easy-Jet [6] offers services from Great Britain and/or other major international destinations to Morocco, the Canary Islands, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus. From Dubai, Airport Dubai [7] offers services to the Middle East, South Asia (Indian Subcontinent), North and East Africa, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe.

From Brazil, Gol[8] operates intracontinental services to Panama, the United States and the Caribbean in North America. Further expansion is planned in North America. Island Air[9] operates from Iceland to North America and Europe. An Interjet [10] aircraft headquartered in Mexico is flying to Colombia in South America. The JetAirFly [11] service operates from Europe to Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Jordan, Thailand, Jetblue[12] services from the United States to Colombia and Peru in South America.

The Jetstar [13] flies from East Asia, Australia and Oceania to Hawaii (US target only). The Jet2[14] flies from Great Britain to North America (New York USA) and within Europe. There are more travel locations than package deals to integrate the hotels with your air and charters.

From Kuwait, Jazeera Airways connects Kuwait Airport with the Middle East, North Africa, South East Europe and South Asia. Italia[ 15] offers services from Italy to Africa, North America/Caribbean and within Europe. The Norweigen Air Shuttle[16] offers long-haul services from Norway & Sweden to North America (USA) and Asia (Thailand).

From the United Kingdom, Ireland and several major EU destinations, Ryan Air[17] offers services to Morocco, the Canary Isles, Cyprus and Turkey. The Spirit [18] is flying from the United States to South America (Colombia and Peru) and the Pacific Canaries. From Spain, Vueling[19] travels to Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Gambia), Asia (Armenia, Turkey and Israel) and Europe.

From Iceland, Wow Air[20] operates flights to North America (Washington & Boston in the USA and Toronto & Montreal in Canada) and Europe. In the past, it was possible to tour the entire globe with low-cost airlines, although there are only a few genuine long-haul LCAs. Longer itinerary from London to Singapore:

Don't expect large forwarders not to grant discounts. Also review the most important carrier sites. Large airlines often have more frequently operated services and a higher filling capability. Cheap airlines often require (very) low free luggage allowance. This can be up to 10-15 kg for just one article, but some forwarders provide ample bonuses.

Do not accept and verify the carrier's policy before making a reservation. If you are a parent with small kids, call the carrier and make sure all specific conditions are met before making a reservation. There may be no or very limited sitting choices (e.g. tartan fits that do not provide legroom). As a rule, passengers are given priority bookings for tickets for low-cost airlines at the start of the reservation process, or they are not available until check-in.

Again, please review the airline's website thoroughly and review the General Business Policies before submitting your payment information. Rebate airlines do not always provide credits for lost tickets and may not provide rebates for short-term trips. Make sure you always know what the airline's guidelines are when you are too slow to check-in, as well as diseases, illnesses, illnesses, etc.

The majority of low-cost airlines regularly advertise seats. It can be unbelievably good offers during such a deal. You are selling "free" tickets where you only owe the tax. Overall costs of the ticket vary depending on which airport you use. A one-way ticket from London (Stansted) to Milan during a single ticket purchase costs a maximum of ?20 (GBP14, USD25).

Flyings from less frequented London Stansted destinations during a seating session will offer even lower rates as the charges at London Stansted are ( relatively ) high. Others may also have lower rates during the selling process. While it is a good option to reserve your flight in advance, it does not always ensure you the best rates as it is a legend that the best rates are the first places on an airplane.

Unless you're looking for early preparation, airlines sometimes have a tendency to cut fares for the very last places if they haven't sold them successfully, so you may be able to find a good last-minute deals if you're ready to fly soon. The airlines are using the rise in bookings during vacations to raise fares.

The number of Ryanair departures to Salzburg Airport from London Stansted will increase by a factor of two to three during the February holiday period, while BA departures from London Heathrow to Munich will account for half of what Ryanair requires. As a rule, Friday and Sunday evenings are more costly. Earlier Sunday dawn and midnight planes can be less costly.

When two airlines are engaged in a pricing battle, this will be to your benefit. Usually this happens when two airlines simultaneously announce a new flight and try to take each other's fares off the shelves. Look for both the airlines and the destinations you want to go to.

EasyJet and Ryanair, for example, are waging a fierce bidding campaign in the London Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow sector. For example, two 25 euro routes together could be more than one 60 euro route, taking into account the additional 20 euro or so of the tariff. When you miss a link that travels this way, the airlines won't help you, so you might end up top -hacking for a new fare, so make sure you plan a lot of travel between links and also make sure you have the effort to go through check-in and safety for each airline group.

However, if you are returning on a long flight - e.g. London to Sydney or Toronto to Singapore - it may still be possible to travel with discount airlines. However, if you have thought about a layover anyway, the link between forwarders may not be an added discomfort or hazard. Hint: As a rule, low-cost airlines do not run between two large aerodromes.

With the help of discount carrier you can find your way to the most important centers and check your travel expenses and time. Macao is also well served by low-cost airlines to mainland China and other non-Hong Kong Asia markets (Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia). In the Emirates / Dubai / India and Asia, increasing "hubs" are being created to provide assistance to low-cost airlines.

Ensure that you know all the airlines serving the destinations you wish to go to. With increasing day-to-day competitive pressure, it can be difficult to know which carrier is flying where. In general, tour operators and web browsers will not browse these airlines as they are not linked to the worldwide reservation system and do not charge the usual brokerage commission.

Meanwhile, there are some very demanding sites offering end-to-end lines (including buses and trains) between any two locations on our planet; Rom2Rio is an example. While you can, take advantage of the booming low budget airlines and have a good time. The majority of flight bookings made through the airline's website are made in the airport operating rate.

Two one-way bookings are usually made in two different foreign exchange denominations, while a one-way ticket is only booked in the original one. Airlines calculate a single airline fare, and the fare will seldom be the same after taking foreign exchange into consideration. Low cost airlines also try to cut costs on the service they provide.

They must take these expenses and complexities into account in order to make a comparative analysis between low-cost and full-service airlines. Ryanair is one of the airlines that operate flights to destinations that are sometimes far away from the announced destinations. Be sure to consider the transport to your real location and the extra amount of extra travel that may take.

You' ll almost always have to buy something to eat and drinks on a budget carrier. Of course, the best thing is to take your own meals and drinks with you, but some airlines make an advance notice to say that you are not allowed to do so.

The majority of liquids must not pass through airport screening, so you will have to buy all beverages in order to fly to the X-ray units. Most of the low-cost airlines outside North America offer a "point to point" servic. Furthermore, with some airlines (including Ryanair), if your first one is delayed, you won't be taken on another aircraft if you miss the second one. lightJet will sometimes take you on another one for free if the first one is delayed, if you have allowed a two-hour interval between your legs and it's lightJet.

You are advised to verify with each carrier which guidelines they apply to lost services. Travelling insurances can help you protect yourself against the lack of cheap links. Cheap links often work much more cheaply and are in many cases the only way to get between two towns in Europe. There are, for example, relatively few relatively few straight low-cost services between North Africa and Eastern Europe.

The calculation of the connecting period should take into account the following factors: the distances between the terminal, the airline's dependability to the terminal, the duration of clearance for safety and duty and the necessary pre-check-in period. Usually, a charge is levied in excess of any price differential between the flights you choose, and sometimes the overall costs you have incurred for changing the journey and buying the cheaper tickets can significantly outweigh the fullfares.

Especially for low budget airlines often no changes are possible, so that you lose your tickets for the initial flights and have to buy another one for the new date. For more information, please visit the airlines' web pages. A lot of low budget airlines levy extra charges for check-in luggage.

When you plan to use a low cost carrier as only one of your daily departures, it may not provide cheque through to your ultimate destinations. Lots of low cost airlines have fidelity programmes that rewards their regulars. South West Airlines has a Rapid Rewards programme where every single ticket is a voucher.

Certificates can be used for free travel with relatively few date blackouts (16 records of blackouts in 2005) and without control over seating capacities (unique in the sector - in other words, any open seating space can be credited with awards) or for an escort passport. AirTran, JetBlue, Frontier and Eurowings are other airlines that offer a fidelity program.

Carriers often join groups of locals who provide transportation and hotels when booking after they have been arranged by the carrier. Like always, it's worth using the web to make comparative purchases, but often you can get a discount rent a car, get a train pass or get a room in a motel by following the link after you've bought your airplane.

What's catching is that many of these discount rates are highly rigid, non-refundable and involve prepayment, so try not to alter your opinion after making the reservation.

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