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Powerful>About Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet established a new class in aerospace and further enhanced its importance with the introduction of the Cirrus Airframe parachute system® (CAPS®). CAPS is the first FAA-certified whole cabin system that is part of an aircraft's basic configuration and has continually reinvented airworthiness. CAPS's addition to the Vision Jet represents an important technical landmark in the construction and evolution of jet aircraft, and the capability to further improve aircraft security at unprecedented altitudes and velocities. Combined with speeches by aerospace research innovators such as William H. Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate admin, human exploration and operations, the Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet brings another level of LiveWorx excitement to the air.

It has the capability to lead the owner smartly through major day-to-day service operations such as apron controls. "Having a key task of creating the safest aircraft, the safest pilot and the safest sky, we look forward to being included on the LiveWorx participant list, united by a common commitment to changing the future," said Pat Waddick, Cirrus Aircraft Vice president, Innovation & Operations.

Recognised worldwide as the market-leading personal aircraft manufacturer, Cirrus Aircraft manufactures the world's best-selling SR Series reciprocating aircraft and Vision Jet, the world's first personal jet with a mono motor, as well as the Robert J. Collier Trophy 2017 receiver. Established in 1984, the aerospace firm has reinvented aerospace power, convenience, and security with innovation such as the Cirrus® Airframe parachute system (CAPS®) - the first FAA-certified full aircraft airborne system to be fitted as part of an aircraft's factory outfit.

So far, nine million flying times with Cirrus aircraft around the world have elapsed and 153 passengers have securely gone back to their homes with the introduction of CAPS as serial equipment on all Cirrus aircraft.

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