Fly multiple Stops

Flying several stops

You can now use this search tool to plan your perfect multi-stop route. Qantas Airways, for example, flies to Europe with stopovers in Asia, so that you can make your stopover in one of the transit cities such as Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo or Kuala Lumpur. The question is whether you are able to create a flight plan with several stopovers in FSX, e.g. flight from Brisbane to Pirth via Sydney and Melbourne.

Several stopovers in one plane

When you create your personal timetable from Brisbane to Perth (sp?) and go to the map screen, you can click on the routing line and move it to waypoints. You can also zoominate to place the landmark directly at the nearest one. Leave the scheduler to create a first itinerary for you and then "edit" it.

I' ll say that if you draw the line over an aerodrome or aerodrome, the scheduler will open a display showing what is available at that place (e.g. NDB, VOR or Airport). Click (mark) the desired and immediately that NDB, BEFORE or Airports is added to your itinerary in your itinerary.

If you do this, your itinerary can become very rugged. But it is possible to "clean up" and "fix" it by erasing or eliminating some of the undesirable points. If, for example, you are adding an airfield to the map and the zigzag path to that airfield is sharp, just erase the undesirable point at which it zigzags and clear and align your itinerary.

This way it is possible to just append an airport along the way or delete an in your opinion excess number of NDBs, VORs or WPs from the map. See the NDBs, VORs, Waypoints and Airport lists on the right side of the timetable.

They form the routes. Just click (highlight) one you want to unselect and click the Delede icon below the listing. Once I was flying from Melbourne to Broome in the standard boiler and made my travel schedule with exactly this approach. I liked the map produced by the aircraft planner, but there were no stops at an airport with gas.

This way I could draw the routing line to append the airport with petrol and delete undesirable points of interest.

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