Cinnamon Air Safety Record

Certificate of Cinnamon Aviation Safety

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Srilankan, adored from above

Colombo, Sri Lanka - Jeff Powell, equipped with open front shoes and open front suits, wants nothing to do with the big airline companies. A 34-year-old Canadian, he says he is more than lucky to fly for Cinnamon Air, Sri Lanka's only planned floatplane flight company. Mr Powell, who was a Maldives pilots last year when he was recruited by the Sri Lankan start-up company, says the 440 kilometre long Indian coastal islet is the ideal place for the kind of sightseeing trips that floatplanes can offer.

It was five hundred ft, and the little Cessna 208 Caravan rolled along the airstrip at Bandaranaike International Airport near Colombo, placed in the shadow of the Emirates A330-200 in the slit in front of it. By 2013, almost four years after the end of this conflict, 1.27 million overseas visitors were visiting the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority.

This is where Cinnamon Air and some other rigid blade, chopper and floatplane companies come into play. The Cinnamon, which has been operating since May last year and calls itself an air taxis, operates flights from Colombo to the Kandy colony, the moderate Nuwara Eliya mountain base, the southern beaches and a battle-protected Jaffna in the northern part.

There is no dividing wall on the boat between the driver and the stuffed cab, whose eight seat are clad in cream coloured genuine leathers and genuine oakwood. A part of the conversation is to watch the aircraft being piloted and see the pilots changing the doors with the help of foot controls or checking the clock face, which indicates the inclination of the aircraft.

Over the Laccadive Sea a few kilometres further, the aircraft floated over fishermen' vessels and boomcans. Mr Powell pointed to the semisunken Thermopylae Sierra ship, a Cypriot ship that sunk off Mount Lavinia, a seaside resort with mansions of rich expatriates, in 2012. For a while, floating at an altitude of 1,500 ft, the centre of attention is the balmy disc sandy beaches, lakes, the green jungles and the brilliant Buddhist yellows of the stupa.

And then the skipper turned around and blinked before he lowered the airplane to the level of a few hundred ft and jumped over the rows of windsurfers waving from the pauses below. Retreating from the checks, the Cessna climbs and bends for a few leagues into the interior, crossing Fort Galle, constructed by the Portuguese in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Returning aboard the Cessna, Mr. Powell made his way to Koggala Lake, an airbase south east of Galle where the Allied Armed Services operated seaplanes during the Second World War. Aeroplanes hovered over islands of mangroves, fields of coconuts and gold paddy fields converted into seeds. Subsequently, the driver pressed the nozzle downwards and planned it before the buoys slid over the sea floor.

Mr Powell, who has been flying Amphibian planes for about nine years, says that water planes are one of the most romantically possible, but that they have restrictions. <font color="#ffff00"> proudly presents For example, the 45 minute trip from Colombo to Koggala will cost 231 dollars per people. His three-seater floatplane hires out for 700 dollars an hours and a six-seater chopper for 1500 dollars.

An easy plane ride from Colombo to Trincomalle, a large northeastern port on the northeastern shore of the peninsula, costs 35.58 dollars.

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