Cheap last Minute Travel Deals

Last Minute cheap travel offers

Note: It is often much cheaper to travel during the week than on weekends. Looking for a last-minute travel offer? Simply connect the departure and arrival airports to get a list of cheap flights. At rehleh you will find last minute travel offers.

1. The hotel this evening

Many last-minute offers - if you know where to look. We don't just talk about the big pages like Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. Just browse these less known travel applications and you'll be one little bit nearer awakening on a sand shore early next day.

You' got a lot on a last-minute plane to Chi-town, but now you need a place to shelter. Tonight Hotels offer up to 70% discount on unsellable rooms in hotels in cities around the globe. The simple reservation on your smart phone allows you to let your mind wander that dark in just a few moments.

Latest model shop: $359 four-star Chicago room for only $179. Perhaps the first last-minute travel application (the name says it all), LMT customers have direct flight connections to more than 175 airlines around the globe and more than 100,000 hostels, 20,000 holiday cottages and 10,000 activity and transfer points in over 150 nationalities.

Latest model shop: 4 nights in a 3-star New York City boutique for $350, inclusive of fare. If you' re the guy who always packs his pockets for your next adventures, Travelzoo is a must-have for you. It lets you make a last-minute booking for Cancun and when you get there, you can use it again to look for places to eat, relax and other funny things.

Make sure you subscribe to the week-end e-mail; you'll get great week-end travel choices sent directly to your mailbox. Latest example: 7-day beachside and jungles tour in Costa Rica, inclusive fare (from Atlanta) for $749. Offers last-minute hotels in 183 major towns across Europe with up to 70% discount.

It is ideal for those who want a comfortable evening out for those who want a bit of spontaneity, or for Americans who have found a serious last minute flight across the lake. Offers are only possible if booked on the same date or one upfront. Latest model shop: Four-star Barcelona, Spain, for $175. covering the business of all the big carriers.

Latest model shop: AirfareWatchdog announced a round-trip contract from Indianapolis, IN, to Palm Springs, CA, for $266 on Labor Day week-end. Using more than one option, you can find last-minute deals in seconds from a nearby harbor. Latest model shop:

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