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Follow the instructions below to create a new Charter Business ID: Commercial Recordings department offers ceremonial documents and certificates of good reputation. The THOMAS officials launched a new website designed to improve public and business access to some public documents on Friday. Activate cookie On our website, we use cookie and similar technology to enhance the contents and functionality of our website and to provide you with advertisements. We may also include third parties cookie from our affiliates on our website. For more information about how we use these techniques, please see our Cookie and Privacy Statement.

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Is it possible to obtain the coloured documents and certifications that have been available in the past? Commercial Recordings department provides solemn documents and certifications of good reputation. Documents or certifications that have been imprinted on the Foreign Minister's original coloured charter papers are ideal for design. You can order ceremony documents and certifications via our copy department by e-mail or facsimile.

There is a $100 charge for each charter or certificat.

Application for TCP approval for charter vehicles - Non-Taxi

Charter parties carriers (TCP) charter a car on a pre-arranged base for the sole use of a person or group. The TCP also includes sight-seeing and certain specialised general interest transport and transport on behalf of a government authority, an industry or trade company or a university.

Please note: The registration charge for a Charter Authorization or Certification is $1,000, except for a Classic A Charterer Certification which will require a registration charge of $1,500. Enrolment fees must be attached to your enrolment. Grade A certification - charter between all points of the state; round trips sight -seeing tour included. Grade C certification - transport related to ballooning, boat trips, boat trips or ski trips.

Pacific Charter Institute - Pacific Charter Institute - Business Customer Portal

We thank you for your interest in working with the Pacific Charter Institute to offer our pupils a service that encourages them to achieve their full learning potentials while achieving their education outcomes! To find prospects who would like to apply for the 2018-19 academic year, please see the prospects section of the tab pages below.

Please click here for our currently released supplier list. If you are a provider of instructions: For information on the currently permitted providers of free software, please refer to the tab pages on the right. Remember that it is no longer required by CI that Active Vendors apply every year. Instead, we ask today's active vendors to keep up to date with any changes to their service and business information.

You can make changes on the PCI Vendor Update page. Any service should be continued between the first and last days of each year. Should an activated seller choose to be deleted from our list of activated sellers, he can do so by filling out the PCI Vendor Removal page inquiry.

Potential suppliers: NPH home learners have privileged bank account opportunities for education services, and the Pacific Charter Institute Supplier Programme is a win-win programme for our homes and business people. Candidates must be recommended by a PCI instructor, pupil, parent or employee and their school familiy (Heritage Peak Charter School, Rio Valley Charter School, Sutter Peak Charter Academy and Valley View Charter Prep) and apply now.

Comply with Education Code Section 45125.1 for all existing and potential future PCI providers. For more information for potential sellers, see the tab pages on the right: 1, Instructional and Administrative vendors. 1 it is necessary that a natural or legal person who provides a service (seller & seller applicant) to pupils of state schools be provided with fingerprints by the California Ministry of Justice for a police record inspection.

Supplier and/or Supplier's Claimant shall be obliged to fulfil this request at Supplier's own cost. Such a person shall not be allowed to communicate with the pupils until the review of the recordings has been completed. A person convicted of a serious or violent crime must not be charged with providing a service that brings them into touch with the pupils.

PLEASE NOTE: The student experience does not include and is not restricted to either actual contacts or contacts that are either physically, verbally or virtually (online). Candidates for suppliers fulfilling AB1610/educational code section 45125. Article 1 is obliged to submit supplementary information to demonstrate that this condition is met. Candidates who are not in compliance must have ALL staff members touched by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to perform a DOJ backgroundscan using a PCI-issued DOJ Ticket for Life Scan service at the applicant's cost.

Form will be sent to the supplier upon receiving the request (if necessary). Are you interested in becoming an PCI based Active Instructionalendor? Please fill out the following form to be included for the 2018-19 year. Actively offering membership in free software, the provider can charge the student for the service provided to them in the form of orders and invoices.

Worship must take place between the first and last day of the year. Providers are obliged to make available a copy of their W-9 so that all payments can be made by it. We thank you for your interest in working with the Pacific Charter Institute to offer our pupils a service that encourages them to achieve their full potentials while achieving their education outcomes.

Are you interested in becoming an active administration provider with membership in International Public Administration (PCI)? Please fill out the following form to be included for the 2018-19 year. Providers' claimants are obligated to make a copy of their W-9 available for processing by PCI any payments. Many thanks for your interest in working with the Pacific Charter Institute.

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