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Adelaide, Airport, Tours, Maxi Cabs, Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing. Maxitaxi Tariff - Adelaide Forum Do I know what the price is for a Maxitaxi from Adelaide International Airports to the center of the town? Do you have a website I can reference for more information about Maxitaxi? Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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Buffered Service Adelaide

Our vehicle park is wonderfully presented, from hotels and airports to elegant wedding ceremonies. Only available through a reservation, you can be sure that your transportation arrives on schedule. The driver already knows your desired goal and has calculated the most effective itinerary.

On the more prestigous events that we supply, as our name implies, we offer a variety of transportation possibilities to make an impression, such as stretched sedans, classical Jaguars, Ford Mustang Cabriolet or our London Black Taxi Cabs. Your driver welcomes you and helps you with your baggage and arranges a date with you outside with the car, if necessary.....

Ideal for touring and excursions, these cars are ideal for when a vehicle is not large enough and a minibus is too large. Climate-controlled and equipped with a driver, they provide stress-free travelling......... Ideal for 8 or more people, our coaches are fully equipped with full safety belts, climate control and driver.

Taxicab Council SA

Before the match at Adelaide Oval last Thursday, 7 September, we were delighted to provide the Nova Casanova crews with cab fare.... ALC can be contacted for all your cab registration, credential and license requests so that we can better service you. Talk to the tax advisor and consider whether you would like to conduct the Small Business Surveillance and Administration course.

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