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Campbelltown Maxi Taxi

If you need a limousine, a station wagon, a MAXI TAXI or a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you choose your journey, we take you there. What does a taxi cost in Picton, NSW, Australia? The Macarthur Airport Maxi Taxi with child seat and baby capsule is specially designed for families travelling with small children and large families.

Maxi-Taxi in the area Campbelltown, NSW | Taxi, Chauffeur & Airport Transfer

Airport-shuttle bus (taxi), private tour service, cruise transfer and wheelchair. Transfer of up to 11 persons. We offer baby booster cars and a large vehicule with this additional room in the trunk. 06.06.2018Airport shuttle. Partys rent. Renting of Christmas parties. 10 / 09 / 2018Do you need a secure chauffeur to collect you and take you to your event in safety?

Maxicab & airport transfer with child seats

Sydney Maxi Cab On time is here to offer you all types of taxi service around Sydney. No matter whether you are travelling with your familiy, your buddies in a group or your company, we will put a Maxi Cab at your disposal to help you saving your precious moments. You can also make an on-line booking at any given moment.

Maxi Ontime Maxi cabin service offers Maxi cabin service for limousines. Maxi Taxi offers punctual Maxi Taxi service for Chick and Hens Nights. With Ontime Maxi cabin we offer cruise transfer service for your journey, so be with us in every itinerary.

NSW Taxis for Wheelchairs | NSW Taxirat

NSW Taxi became the first company to provide transportation solutions for those with specific needs in 1981, the International Year of the Handicapped. In spite of earlier misgivings by non-physical users about the bigger car models used for wheelchair accessible taxis, the industry remained and invested in disability related service.

The first wheelchair accessible taxi driver, Paul Bolt, was honoured with the Order of Australia Medal for his service in 1983. Later he was named Taxi Driver of the Year by the International Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association (ITLP). But there was much about the first experience that contributed to creating the wheelchair accessible taxi service (WATS) we have today.

And the first was the creation of Zero200, a central reservation system in the Sydney conurbation that offers automatic reservation to the nearest WAT, regardless of the area. During 2005, the taxi industry worked with Flash Cabs Australia to design a taxi specifically designed car that could transport both disabled persons and disabled travellers.

Whilst a FAT will cost about three times as much as a normal taxi, NSW Taxi Industry has still made an investment to ensure that at least 10% of the total fuel pool is available. In order to help facilitate this growing business, special driver education courses have been designed to teach driver handling skills and other servicing needs for disabled persons.

Today, the central reservation number 8332 0200 gets around 4,000 reservations every single day, in excess of more than 15,000 individual reservations. Currently, more than 440,000 taxi rides for wheelchairs are carried out each year. That is part of the NSW taxi industry's contributions to the welfare and economy of the state.

Every year, industry adds $1.15 billion to the US dollar market, provides 17,500 full-time positions, and provides $20 million in revenues for the NSW government. Please download the data sheet for wheelchair accessible taxi services. In order to reserve a wheelchair accessible taxi: For other parts of NSW - please get in touch with your locale taxi office.

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