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Carbonbondale is making changes to allow single taxi driver.

About and Lyft make traveling in the big capitals like Springfield, Nashville and St. Louis easier. Carbondale in Illinois is now making changes, hoping to attract similar carpools. It' s enough to explore the campsite, but Manuel Lopez, the second grade student at SIU, said it's a challenge to get around Carbondale when you don't have a good automobile.

Well, it'd be better with Uber or Lyft. Lopez said: "And then the student could also do it and get rewarded for it. Born in Chicago, he resides in Carbondale while studying at SIU. Carbondale City Council on Tuesday passed amendments to licence taxi riders separately and not by business.

Councillor Navreet Kang said it was a step backed by many in the municipality who have wanted more driving opportunities for years. Mr Kang said they hoped that the amendment would attract the interest of new riders and businesses such as Uber and Lyft. Said he had received many complains about taxi service in the cities and believed that carpooling could help meet a need.

However, once that's authorized, Kang said folks can take passengers while they make a little additional money riding in the city. "I' m gonna use it the first morning it gets here. I would prefer someone else to take me home when I'm out of the car too early at night," Lopez said. Said he hoped folks would register soon, so it would be a lot simpler for them to be in the city.

Several Carbondale taxi firms were contacted by ways of Carbondale's business by way of written communication, but they refused to make a statement. The Uber and Lyft agents did not immediately react to the requests for comments on the provision of Carbondale service.

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