Jet Airways Special Fares

Special Jet Airways Fares

Interesting offers for Jet Airways tickets. The passengers can also request special meals in advance (diabetics, low-calorie meals, etc.). This seven-day sale will allow passengers to make significant savings during the winter months on selected international routes, Jet Airways said. Vente globale de Jet Airways sur les vols domestiques et internationaux.

Become a member today and take advantage of your membership with Jet Airways special offers.

India offered by Jet Airways - Special fares from Kuwait

To Jet Airways! To Jet Airways! Jet Airways covers the following routes: Mumbai, Kochi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai, Trivandrum, Bengaluru, Kozhikode, Tiruchirapalli. Places are restricted and depend on the available space of the respective reservation group. Supplementary requirements shall be applied. Pay attention to the tariff regulations at the moment of your order. For all other requirements the tariff regulation applies.

The rates shown are based on uptime. Tariffs quoted in promotional offers are generally only basic tariffs and the overall tariff may vary in the collection of applicable tax and charges. Different requirements shall be applicable. Pay attention to the tariff regulations at the moment of your reservation.

Selling Jet Airways: At Jet Airways we offer discount on basic corporate and basic economic fares.

Travelling has also become 30 percent less expensive as part of a rebate system. A special six-day festive ticket sales event beginning today at 12:00 p.m. will celebrate India's seventieth Independence Sunday, Jet Airways said in a press brief. Selling, which begins on August 11, will offer 30 percent off basic economics and 20 percent off premium (business) fares, he said.

Vistara, another full-service airline, today announces a significant reduction in all-inclusive fares, beginning with 799 US dollars for Business and 2,099 US dollars for Business as part of the 48 hour only sales promotion entitled " Freeom to Fly ". Ticket sales for home flight sales are effective for trips beginning September 5, while for overseas flight sales, promotion ticket sales are effective from September 15, said Jet Airways.

Jet Airways said the basic fare rebate applies to both roundtrip fares, allowing additional passengers to purchase fares to 44 home and 20 overseas locations.

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