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Becoming a professional when it comes to locating surprisingly cheap air travel. Just investing a little more and thinking about how to look for cheap air travel can be hugely rewarding. Using various techniques and conscientious searches, I have often found a number of overseas trips that were only half or a third of the normal price. At times, the keys to locating the right business are just some resolve and happiness, because toying with the search engine settings of a flight search engine can often lead to unexpected results.

However, there are also some really fun stuff and little-known search functions that can significantly improve your chance of tripping over a good business. Generic tour reservation websites like Expedia or Priceline are usually not the best for locating cheap tickets. As they are essentially tour operators, they concentrate on higher-margin products and have a tendency not to involve many low-cost carriers.

Best flight search machines are the specialised and autonomous ones that seek to collect as much information as possible. Momondo, Skyscanner and Google Flights are my favourites. You want to go somewhere cheap, but you're not sure yet where? In Skyscanner, input your home base in the From box and then input 'Anywhere' in the To box.

At the beginning of the weekend the flight is usually less expensive than at the weekend. To find the best offer is often a question of repeating the change of search parameter until you find a good one. Certain departures are only on certain dates (especially some short-haul budgeting flights), so your best bet may not be available every single night.

Explore somewhere in the peak tourism period instead of the peak tourism period as it will be both less expensive and less crowded. For only GBP 320 (that's about 400 US dollars or EUR) last year, I was flying from London to Bangkok, driving with Turkish Airlines and making a short 45-minute stopover in Istanbul.

The Momondo has a fun function known as Flight Insight that gives you a deeper insight into the costs variable for a particular itinerary. Rather than just rate your searches, the Flight Insight utility gives you very useful hints on where to find the least expensive option! You' ll see a chart with all price-influencing elements, plus seasonal variations, reservation times, weekdays and airports.

Click on the Seasonality button to see a chart showing the best and most costly month of the year for this itinerary. With Skyscanner you can do something similar to Momondos Flight Insight, with a function that is a little concealed and that not many folks seem to know about. And if you are even quite permissive with your dating, choose the best day to get the definitive price for those lives.

A study by both Skyscanner and Momondo found that the optimum time frame for buying a ticket is usually 5 to 6 week before departing. The use of a utility such as Flight Insight, as noted above, can tell you the details for the desired flight path (click the Day to Depart tab). Be sure to consider alternate local airport locations as this can often help you make savings.

Browsers such as Skyscanner and Momondo can automate the search of neighbouring London and London aerodromes. Simply check the appropriate boxes before you begin your search. You have to search by hand for alternate airfields a little further away. Of course, this is especially important if you are travelling during your journey anyway, as a change in the departure and arrival points of your journey can open up many less expensive choices.

Like, instead of London, try Manchester. Think about whether the cheapest alternate international airfield might be across the boarder. If you are travelling to Malaysia, for example, it may be much less expensive to travel to neighbouring Singapore than to the main city, Kuala Lumpur. The search for alternate destinations used to be particularly useful for short-haul and local services, as low-cost airlines often use either suburban or non-hub destinations.

But it is also becoming more and more useful on long-haul journeys! As an example of a new long distance flight trends Norway Air is now flying directly from London Gatwick (an alternate to London Heathrow) to Oakland International (an alternate to San Francisco International) at madly low rates. Therefore you will always want to throw a large net and try different airfields.

Several of the search engine related bookings pages have great pricing but are not so well known. Sometimes I have experienced a situation where small bookings pages worked a little differently than the big ones like Expedia or Trivago. It is not a type of fraud, but a regular way in which some reservation pages work.

This happened to me for example with eDreams, BravoFly and Tripsta, which appear to be the best options on Skyscanner and Momondo on a regular basis. But not all airline companies are ranked in the common search engine. Whilst you can be fairly certain that the search engine has quite well done your search between e.g. London and Berlin, this is perhaps not so much the case between Dushanbe and Tashkent.

It can still be a good thing to search by hand sometimes. She can tell you very quickly which distances between the different aerodromes actually there are. I found this very useful when I fly on less apparent itineraries; for example, I found trips this way to some arcane Philippine island destinations on some small inland airlines that have not yet been searched.

For one-way journeys, there are some special issues when it comes to visas and entry regulations. Otherwise, you should keep in mind that a one-way flight is not always charged at half the price of a trip home. Normally it is more costly than that (e.g. approx. 75% of the flight back costs). If you are looking for individual trips, try to find the same itinerary for a trip back.

Some of the times the returned goods are less expensive! I' m still not quite sure why I get it... I suppose it has to do with how airline companies combine certain frequencies. For example, when I flew from Colombia to Peru, it was actually less expensive to buy a flight back parcel that contained a flight back to Bogota.

Never used the returns section, but still much less expensive. I have had some horrible experience with certain posting pages - sometimes it was so horrible that I think they merit being informed about their horrible practice. Once I purchased a RyanAir flight over Kiwi (as it seemed to be the only way to make a multi-stop trip back with them), but Kiwi does not offer regular RyanAir upgrade or check-in then.

I had to change my flight time to Cabo Verde so much by the airlines that I had to canceled. It' not what it promotes during the reservation process.

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