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Offers aircraft interiors for VIP, corporate and commercial airline customers. This is the A-Z of the interior designers of private jets for VIP, corporate and head of state interiors worldwide. Experience the magic that helps create the perfect jet interior. Shape follows function is the well-known equation for optimal design. Set up your yacht &

private jet with the finest luxury decor.

Interior design VIP | Business Jet

Shape follows function is the well-known formula for optimum design. Combining aesthetic appeal and practicality, our cab design and interior design products are the ideal blend to meet your needs. Get into the cockpit of your plane and you'll find the right blend of smart features and sleek design.

Our aim is to make your cab a place of work and a place of rest. With our attractive esthetic and practical design options, you get the ideal setting for both.

Yachts & Privatejet Interior Design

Rooms in privately owned transport vans require the same degree of dedication and love of detail as a customer's home or work. This is a place where your personality is appreciated to make your living simpler and more pleasant. At Kneen & Co. we are experts in helping property owner, manager or design professional discover the best tableware, crystals, desk accessoires, lights and bed linen.

No matter whether it is a matter of locating a wineglass that fits conveniently and securely into an airplane or yachting tub mount, or a tailor-made sheets for the beds in the master cabins, our competence in navigation on the market place is perfectly matched to the equipment of specific rooms.

The latest Jet Interior Design trends

Airplane interior design has evolved from a small recess to a boom area. What are the latest interior design tendencies and factors for privately owned jets for 2018? Distinguished for the best innovation in cab design and cab engineering, the Crystal cabin awards are a good indicator of the latest trend in home jet interior design.

Among the 2018 award recipients are luxury twin berths, intelligent fittings and preheated base plates. The London -based designer PriestmanGoode has designed the first business grade shallow twin berth in the world. Television monitors can also be relocated to form a personal suites for up to four people.

3-D SatMapVR - Renacens Sistemas SL, the Spain based development company, has developed a 3-D mapping system that allows the customer to see a 360-degree image of the car from their selected location when making a reservation. Information Panels - Airbus and Altran have developed this state-of-the-art information pane that shows security and flying information with super-light electrical engineering print.

The full listing of award recipients can be found on the Crystal Cabin Awards website. Privatjets can select from premium leather, wood and handmade carpet as well as luxury furnishings such as a chandelier and aquarium. In fact, some jet owners are known to order movie theaters and spa's or set up costly defence equipment.

Let's take a look at some of today's best jet interior decorators and their stunning creations: The Embraer design artist Jay Beever creates five original pieces for the Lineage 1000E, which were launched in 2017. Accommodation includes a dinning room and BBQ area, a master bed room with en-suite bathroom and customisable furniture. Boeing 787-8 BBJ was the first tailor-made Dreamliner jet built in 2016 for the Chinese HNA Group.

Covering an area of 2,400 sq ft, the interior lasted two years and features a lounges, meetings area, 18-person guesthouse and five full bathroom facilities. The coronation is a soundproofed matrimonial suites with twin beds, changing room and private bathroom with hot water floor and twin showers. Imagine a space for a whirlpool and a training area, a stone partition in the bedrooms and partition walls to form a dinning room, an entertaining area and a cafe.

BMW, Porche Design and Ferrari have also worked on personal jet design. For the Mayfair project, Andrew Winch, a London-based design firm specialising in yacht design, worked on developing Boeing Business and Airbus jet design from London hotel design. There are five large areas, among them a cabin, a lounge area, a small pub and a twin room with its own bathroom.

New York interior designer Edése Doret has created a truly exceptional Airbus A380 with whirlpool, winding stairs and dessert awning. We can create a tailor-made offer for your individual jet charters for all your travelling needs.

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