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The Century Aviation

Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for the centenary. The Century Aviation SA de CV was a project of a charter airline. Dismantling, transport and reassembling of airplanes which are too old or too special for the flight are offered.

Dismantling, transport and reassembling of airplanes which are too old or too special for the flight are offered. We provide inspection and stress testing of hanging aeroplanes, construction of fasteners and rigging, as well as aeroplane installations. Working with one of the two certified Theatrical rigging firms (iWeiss, Fairview NJ and Dick DeLayigging, LLC, Edmunds, WA) and Pacific Engineering & LLC, WA, we provide our customers with a wide range of options.

We have since worked on many aeroplane restoration and replica projects as well as laying and installing aeroplanes.

FBO Full Service | Northeast Indiana FBO

As we know you have many choices when it comes to selecting an airline, we have done everything we can since opening our gates in 2007 to make a better choice for our flyers, travellers and people. We are the largest "small" Indiana aerodrome situated just southwards of Auburn. This is because we provide large airports facilities with low comfort, friendliness and excellent services.

With our janitorial facilities, you can organise any kind of transport, car hire, accommodation reservation or food for your crews and guests; and with free espresso, icecream, popcorn and biscuits, you'll certainly be able to spend your Century holiday. And as a full-service FBO, we provide Shell Aviation fuel, GPU, a full-service FBO establishment, Hertzian car hire, FBO preferential room prices, long-term and night-time commitments and heat managed hangar area.

Centrury Aviation Services at the Crater Lake - Lamath Regional Airport

Having reached the 25.06., leaving on the 29.06. Great services, rented cars quickly seemed to be in a tight place. Excellent scheduled services on arrivals and departures, as well as support with a hire vehicle. Century used for a gas-n-go on the way to the solar Eclipse at Madras. Determined to go to Klamath to stay at the crater lake.

Servicing was great and folks were very kind. Great spot for a visit to Crater Lake - better rates for renting a vehicle here than in Medford. at Century Aviation was very useful. Before MYV left, I had talked to him about renting a vehicle if we could finish our trip. Exceptional customer care and staff.

You know, Century's a great FBO to do deals with.

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