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Interior Gulfstream

Renovation teams are ready to help owners imagine and create an interior that combines the latest technologies and luxurious designs. INTERIOR S AND SEATS RECEIVED BY GULFSTREAM RECEIVES SPECIAL AWARD Savannah, Georgia, May 28, 2018 - Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. is proud to announce that its interior and industrial designers recently received the 2018 International Yacht & Aviation Awards for the brand new Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream 1600 seats and cabins. Fully-equipped test plane, the 6700 received the Gulfstream Jet Privacy Jet Appraisal for its three-living space crewed resting berth, demonstrating the versatility that is part of the Gulfstream Appraisal DNS.

At the heart of the victorious GT600 designs is a center wall in the centre of the cab that literally reflects the passenger experiences and flexibility of the cab. Reflexion is subtly continued, from the stratified, blended texture of the mocha oaken wood ply, which captures the lighting with discreet refinement, to the geometrical rug structure, inspired by the fishbone structure of the seat's pierced and stitched panels.

Gulfstream's mission-specific seats designed for the E500 and E600 received the product category prize. Sit forms are characterised by the three aesthetic designs of sport, classic and minimalism, which provide the basis for individualisation. Seats were designed at Gulfstream's Research and Development Centre, where industry and interior architects, the engineer crew and upholsterers worked on the aesthetic, ergonomic and functional aspects that resulted in the ultimate designs.

Aesthetically pleasing, the Classics chair features an elegantly medium upholstered styling that combines powerful cushioning with ample room to move. Sports fit contains a contour shaped padded padding to put on. Minimum padding for a convenient changeover to a berth for the occupant who wishes to concentrate more on the berth during long-haul journeys.

All three seating lifestyles can be individually adapted starting with extra styling detail such as quilting panels, ornamental seams, armrest trim in either genuine genuine or genuine fabrics, veneers or paintwork, as well as Gulfstream's extensive selection of premium quality skins and cushions, all individually manufactured for each airplane. As part of Gulfstream's stringent test programmes for the interior and seating of the vehicle, the interior and seating of the vehicle have been rigorously evaluated for the performance of the vehicle to make sure that the planes deliver their full performance well in advance of delivery to the client, which is anticipated for the end of this year and 2019 respectively.

The Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a fullyowned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), design, develop, manufacture, market, service and support the world's most technically advancing corporate jets. Since 1958, Gulfstream has manufactured more than 2,800 airplanes for clients around the globe. In order to satisfy the varied transport needs of the prospective, Gulfstream provides a complete air transport portfolio consisting of the Gulfstream G280TM, the Gulfstream G550TM, the Gulfstream G500TM, the Gulfstream G600TM, the Gulfstream G650TM and the Gulfstream G650ERTM.

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