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The Ronald Reagan Washington National Park (DCA) is located 4.3 km from the downtown area of the Washington, D.C. capitol, and carried 18.5 million people in 2010. It' a hub for US Airways, the biggest airline. Ronald Reagan Washington National Flights are coming from all over the USA, with the heaviest traffic connections from Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Miami, New York, Orlando, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale and Houston in that order.

Overseas flights can only arrive here with US custom cleared and involve flights from the Bahamas, Bermuda and some Canadians. In order to keep air travel to a minimum, mostly flights to and from Dulles airports are used. Even though the airports are crowded and overloaded at busy periods, they are so easily accessible near the town and well served by the Metrorail system that travellers are unlikely to stop using Reagan at all.

America's huge and varied national park provides the backdrop for some of Hollywood's most important pictures.

America' huge and varied national park provides the backdrop for some of Hollywood's most important pictures. Over the years, the breathtaking park has attracted tens of thousands of visitors from all over the globe, but with more than a decade of national park in the USA, it can be hard to have one. The best way to limit your quest to the kind of adventure you are looking for - be it an adventure climb to Yosemite or a relaxed birdwatching week-end in Bryce Canyon.

A lot of travelers are combining the visiting of more than one theme park. Your experience will be a great one. The Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, Yosemite and Sequoia in California and Zion and Bryce Canyon in Utah. You can get a detailled insight into these parcs in our section Insider Information. Main season: Yellowstone and Grand Teton: The summer is the best period to explore the Wyoming Gardens.

Main Season: Josemite and Sequoia: The perfect times to explore California's park are in summers when the temperature is high. If you want to prevent the masses of people, it is better to come to see us between the middle of April and the end of May. The best month to see the Utah Park is July and August, when the sun nymphs are hot and the night is cold.

It' s simple to reach the national park, and many airline companies are flying to nearby aerodromes every day. A further way to discover the park is by motorhome (motorhome, lorry campervan or caravan). It'?s Yellowstone: Bus shuttle/taxi service: The Phidippides Airport Transportation System () provides shuttles and taxis from Cody Airport.

It'?s Grand Teton: I' m on shuttles: Jackson Hole Airport Shuttle is available at Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls Airport (https://www.jacksonholealltrans. com/). Xosemite: For those who would rather take the rail, Amtrak (https://www.amtrak. com) offers a rail and coach ride to downtown Thames. Gunner: Shuttle: In some areas of the grounds there is a shuttleservice.

Mammoth: arbutus: Currently there is no regular transport to or within the theme park, but you can either hire a rental vehicle or take the Fresno airport rail service. Best way to Zion is by road as there is no transport to the Zion area. This is Bryce Canyon:

Gunner: Shuttle: There is a new shuttleservice available to guide you through the grounds and after payment of the entry ticket you have the right to use the shuttles for an indefinite period. The Yellowstone National Park: The Yellowstone is the first national reserve in the USA and is situated in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The Grand Teton National Park:

The Grand Teton in Wyoming, with its stunning summits towering from the Jackson Hole and its rich fauna, is truly stunning. California's most beloved amusement park, Josemite, is known for its magnificent falls and beautiful waterfalls. One of the major attractions of the parks is the beautiful valley of Josemite, where the infamous chain of falls are located. Mammoth: arbutus:

Just a quick ride from Yosemite is SEQUOIA National Park, with its tall sequoias dotted along the Sierra Nevada Mountains and home to 14,494-foot Mount Whitney, a favourite walking area. The Zion Canyon: Virgin River in the center of Zion city.

The Bryce Canon National Park: Bryce Canyon's colorful cliffs, or "hoodoos", are the product of 60 million years of soil degradation. Geologically, the cannyon is indeed an amphitheater, not a cannyon as it is formed in this way.

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