Charter Communications Technical Support

Communication Charter Technical Support

Contact information for ARRIS Consumer Support. 7% 100% Call centres located in the USA Headquartered in the USA with a 100% support centre, we are here around the clock when you or your inhabitants need us. We help you upgrade your real estate by offering your occupants the highest level of WiFi, TV and voice services. Charter is your communications and maintenance company providing 24/7 pre, during and after install services to provide a pleasant environment for your owner, manager and occupants.

Properties Manager check the eligibility credentials availability: Downlaod user guides and specifications: Please click on the pictures on the right to dowload the activating directions for the kind of DME you have in your area. You will need a full listing of all your local bank accounts to finalize this process.

ORRIS Consumer Care - Support Services

We provide a two-year guarantee and support from the date of original order to help you meet your support needs and manage your home network equipment efficiently. Free technical support via chats, e-mail or telephone 7 nights a week, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. central time, except on public holiday.

ARRIS only warrants and supports those ARRIS equipment directly bought from an ARRIS authorised reseller. In case you did NOT buy your ARRIS brand-name ARRIS software in a retailer, please directly consult your local distributor for guarantee and support. Unauthorized dealers (including websites) are not qualified for ARRIS Guarantee Support and Support.

Resellers who may not be entitled to resell ARRIS equipment are offered for sale on marketsplaces. Any ARRIS software acquired from unauthorized resellers through a reseller outlet may not be eligible for ARRIS guarantee replacements or support. Be sure to read the seller's terms and conditions before making your purchases, as the item must be replaced by the vendor.

ANY GUARANTEE? ARRIS is your reliable partner. Telephone support is available in full real-time for $39.99. Please note: We also have free instant messaging and e-mail support for all our clients regardless of guarantee state. Chats lessons are shown below. Sorry, the chats are currently not available. Chats lessons are shown below.

Awareness of a new online phishing fraud is growing in the shape of scammer postings on popular online portals such as Facebook, leading consumers to bogus telephone numbers for our support services. If you have any websites that claim to be technical support from ARMIS, or suspect e-mails, news or telephone conversations, please notify +1-877-466-8646.

After 2016, if you bought a Motorola® brand without the SURFboard branding, it is not an ARRIS brand and ARRIS does not support it.

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