City Airbus Taxi

Airbus City Taxi

Downtown Airbus demonstration successfully passed an important landmark in drive tests London, Airbus Helicopters has recently finished the first complete tests of the CityAirbus demonstrator's prop and channel system - a self-propelled VTOL aircraft for multi-passenger municipal aerial transport. In the course of this succesful test period, the CityAirbus crew tested the system's efficiency, which is driven by Siemens electrically driven drives.

TownAirbus is a battery-operated aircraft that can take off and landing upright. Conceived to transport up to four travellers via overcrowded mega-cities to key locations such as major cities, railway and airport locations, it is quick, cost-effective and green. "We now have a better appreciation of the capabilities of CityAirbus' cutting-edge electrical drive system, which we will further develop through stringent tests and begin assembling the CityAirbus flight demonstrator," says Marius Bebesel, head of engineering at CityAirbus. What's more, we're now able to offer our customers a better service.

Testing of the fully integral driveline with 8 fan and 8 specifically developed Siemens SP200D (100kW operational output, DC drive) drivelines with outstanding torque/weight ratios are anticipated soon. First of all, the large-scale demonstration will be put to the test on the floor. During the first half of next year, the engineering staff is expecting the "Power on" landmark, i.e. all engines and electrical equipment will be turned on for the first one.

Our first flights are planned for the end of 2018. TownAirbus will be able to transport up to four persons on permanent lines with a travel time of 120 km/h. It is a leading provider of aerospace and related engineering related activities worldwide. The Airbus portfolio includes the widest choice of commercial aircraft, from 100 to over 600 seating units, and more.

It is also a market player in Europe for tankers, fighters, transportation and missions and one of the world's top aerospace corporations. Airbus offers the most effective civilian and defence helicopter rotary wing solution in the industry.

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