Cheapest Route around the World

Lowest route around the world

Backpack tours around the world On this page you will find a large variety of backpack tours from all over the world. It is intended as a point of departure for your journey plan or to give you ideas if you have not even got this far. In general, it is a poor suggestion to start off with a fixed timetable, because street schedules are changing fast and take away some of the pleasure of travelling.

We have made a proposal for the timing and shooting budgets for each route. It is strongly recommended that you take out holiday health cover before traveling on any of these itineraries. World Nomads are recommended as they have a success story that offers the best backpacker trip coverage. These itineraries are intended for individual travelers.

It will help you pack a lot in a little bit of space of time and it is a guarantee way to find some mates. What to do with your backpack in Latin America? Sout America is an exciting country to be visited and has long been a popular backpacker town. There is something for every taste in this part of the world, from the Brazilian beach to adventure in the Andes.

Discover fabulous seaside towns, beautiful coastlines, beautiful cascades, vast areas of varied natural beauty and experience the largest carnival events in the world before you venture into the Amazon to complete your Brazil adventures. Discover the strange wildlife of the continent as you make your way to the end of the world.

Get in Chile and Argentina to see icebergs, vulcanoes, breathtaking walks, gorgeous seas and game. Featuring Mayan remains, hilltop cities and powerful swells, our Mexico Backpack ing Tour is a lot of fun. A little more than a months long, it would provide a great vacation and offer a great equilibrium with a touch of civilization and heritage as well as lots of free moments to unwind and indulge in a vibrant Mexico evening or two.

In Central America there is never a lack of colorful surprise and sometimes it can be mad. It' s a small area, so it is much simpler to go to several different places in a few minutes, but that doesn't mean there is anything lacking. Beyond the big towns and parts of Mexico, this is actually a very secure part of the world with tranquil, funny loveable folks and some lovely places to be.

Morocco is at the gateway to Europe, easy to reach, very inexpensive and full of intriguing sights, making it a great holiday resort. Make a journey through the best of Iberia' s capitals, municipalities and beautiful coastlines and experience Roman American passions in the most vibrant part of Europe. While the Balkans are a relatively undervisited part of Europe, they are a great, inexpensive tourist attraction.

Discover mediaeval villages, hills, lakes along the coast and wonderful scenery while travelling six different continents in two month's time. There is nowhere else in the world so much rich heritage, cultural life and diversity in such a small area. Travel through the cool Baltic Sea regions and see some of Europe's most picturesque places such as St Petersburg, Tallinn and Vilnius.

With some of the most important itineraries in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, our concise route will explore the best that Scandinavia has to offer, as well as some hints on how to get by with a shoelace money in an costly part of the world. The Oz route shows an expedition to the biggest isle in the world.

Visiting towns, sandy areas, rain forests and finding the best party in one of the simplest and most loved places in the world, we go travelling with a vibrant backpackerszene. From Christchurch you can circumnavigate the South Island to explore some of New Zealand's best flora and fauna, campsites, ice and adventurous attractions.

Then the route leads to the North Island, where the local civilization, nature marvels and the famed Lord of the Rings filming sites can be seen. One of the most exhilarating places to visit is India. Nearly the whole part of the country is inexpensive in a worldwide comparison and therefore a good value travelling heaven.

Have the best that the beloved Thai packer destinations have to say. Gates open gradually and travelers begin to rediscover this amazing mansion with some of the most stunning Buddha style churches and buildings in the world. Travel on the famed reunited land railway that winds its way down from Hanoi in the north to Saigon in the south to take the best of Vietnam.

Are you looking for more than a basic tour through South East Asia? Have a look at this commentary that proposes a sensible itinerary for a stay of up to a months in the tranquil but lovely South East Asia country of Laos. You can find detailled instructions for South East Asia and South America in our Funky Guide!

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