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Employees of the carrier are stealing empty planes from Seattle International and crashing.

Agents put together how a flight company air traveler who performs his patrol layer steals an empty Horizon Air turbo-prop plane, takes off from Sea-Tac International Airport, and crashes deadly to a small islet in Puget Sound after being hunted down by airliners quickly confused to catch the plane.

Officers said Saturday that the man was a 3. 5-year Horizon Staff and had release to be among airplanes, but that to their knowledge, he was not a licenced pilot. A 29-year-old man used a plane named a push-back traction engine to manoeuvre the plane first so he could get on the plane and then take off on Friday night, the agencies added.

It' s not clear how he got the ability to do airplane grinding before he crashes to a small Puget Sound landing site about an hours after takeoff, the agencies said. It fell almost an hours after the plane was taken out of a service area, although officers said it did not seem that the combat planes were implicated in the plane accident.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command said in a press statement released Saturday that two F-15C alarm planes from Portland were encrypted but did not fire at the plane. During a press briefing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air officers said they were still working close with the agencies while investigating what had occurred.

"Security is our number one goal," said Brad Tilden, CEO of Alaska Airlines. "Yesterday evening's meeting will lead us to learning from this calamity what we can so that we can make sure that this does not repeat itself with the Alaska Airlines Group or any other carrier. "One of the greatest possible dangers for professional aviation is indicated by the fact that a workers employee who has been classified as committing suicide by the public authority is a strange incident: workers from airlines or airports who cause chaos.

"We have an operator here who has been checked down to the plane to have full flight control and who has a qualification sufficient to take off with this plane. It showed the Horizon Air Q400 in large loop and other hazardous manoeuvres as the day setting on Puget Sound.

Officials first said the man was a technician, but Alaska Airlines later said he should be a Horizon contractor. These staff members manage aeroplanes for take-off and landing approaches, de-icing aeroplanes and hand luggage. "When he had the ability to loop with such an airplane, he certainly had the ability to send it into a structure and assassinate humans on the ground," he said.

Horizon Air CEO Gary Beck said it was not clear how the man could launch the motor, requiring a range of buttons and controls. Before crashing on Ketron Island, a small island south west of Tacoma, Washington, the plane was tracked by army planes. None of the structure on the floor was corrupted, Alaska Airlines said.

Mr. troyer said that F-15 planes had taken off from Portland, Oregon, were "in the sky within minutes," and planes were "keeping humans safely on the surface. "Sheriff' s dept. officers said they were working to complete a background/background examination of the Pierce County residents. Alaska Airlines said it was in a "maintenance position" and not planned for a commercial airline ride.

Part of Alaska Air Group, Horizon Air operates short flights throughout the U.S. West. is a 76-seat turbo-prop airplane. Aeroplane crashes in a densely forested area with dense undergrowth on the islands, said Debra Eckrote, West Pacific RF head for the National Transportation Safety Board.

"It'?s very fragmented," she said about the plane. "Detectives are expecting to be able to restore both the dashboard dictation machine and the incident logger from the aircraft. "Royal King tells The Seattle Times that he photographed a marriage when he sees the low-flying turbo prop being followed by two F-15s.

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