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About Alaska Airlines Timetable

What do I do with the timetable? What do I do with the timetable? If you open the timetable PDF, you will see a similar listing of items to the one shown below; it is a long listing as it contains one item for each of our departures. Timetables are sorted in alphabetical order by point of origin, so browse to the location of your destination to find the timetable for your particular trip.

As soon as you have found your flights within the timetable, use the picture above as a guideline to find out where to find certain particulars of your flights. Every timetable record includes departures and arrivals towns, departures and arrivals hours as well as the weekdays on which the flights are operated. You will also find the number of the flights, the plane model, the number of stopovers, the duration of the flights and the mileage actually travelled, as well as other useful information, which includes changes in the timetable depending on the season.

Is it possible to find information about code share affiliate travel contained in this timetable? Yes, our timetable contains information on the code share airline timetable. In addition, we service many other towns with our code share counterparts, among them American Airlines. Mileage Plan⢠affiliates are all our code share affiliates and offer you the opportunity to collect Mileage Points.

These are the routes in our timetable: Exclusion of liability: Timetable Product Safety Data Sheet by Innovata-LLC 2015.

Vienna Air Alaska

Noel Vienna, the company's founding father, was the first to operate charters in 1924. In 1929 Northern Air Transport was founded by Vienna and renamed Vienna Alaska Airlines in 1936. A major business area of the carrier was situated just south of Fairbanks. Additional flights were contracted around 1960, when a number of former Alaska Airlines and Pacific Northern Airlines feeder flights were transferred to Vienna and Northern Consolidated Airlines.

After its renaming as Wien Air Alaska in 1966, Vienna fused with Northern Consolidated to become Wien Consolidated Airlines in April 1968. In 1973 the name was changed back to the old Wien Air Alaska. The company closed down in mid-1984, just 60 years after celebrating its jubilee on one of this year's schedules.

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