Helicopter Rental Boston

Boston Helicopter Rental

This is the only helicopter charter company in the Boston area offering single and twin engine helicopters. Please call us now to book your next helicopter charter. homepage This is a full Part 61 helicopter flying academy and we take care of those who are looking for an education as a helicopter driver as well as a leisure pilots who wants to enjoy flying! There is a full team of flying teachers to help you make your dream come true. Further information can be found in our helicopter flying education resources section.

A helicopter pilot for one full helicopter ride! There'?s a 30-minute floor session and a 30-minute helicopter ride. The helicopter will be steered by an experienced pilot and you will see what aviation is all about! Classes take place around your calender! to our on-line itinerary.

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It'?s only $199 for the tour of the Patriots! A fast 15-minute trip that will take you around Gillette and Place for a few circuits! Including up to 3 persons and weights limitations. Want to see the sunset over Boston? What about the whole glorious little town at dark?

Spoil your favourite character with a Boston and Gillette flights for just $379! Here is our astonishing Boston Citysour with the added Gillettetour. Including up to 3 persons and weights limitations, ID card needed.


You are not assigned any dues to the clubs; you only need to cover the flying period. Currently, we are operating two aircraft, both of which are brand new: our helicopter trainers are new, but we have an exceptionally skilled group of trainers. Three out of five of our trainers have more than 1000 helicopter flying times.

All in all, we have around four decennia of flying instructor training at our disposal. You can now hire our rental cars at some of the cheapest rates in the industry ($165 for half an hour) and take your friend on a trip around Boston city centre, Cape Ann, Cape Cod and the autumn leaves. A helicopter for hire is also almost always available at the right weekend.

Are you working on a helicopter instruments evaluation? All our pilots have a lot of experience under real life helicopter and aircraft test situations, as well as in certified aircraft and in IFRs. Most of your helicopter education will take place at our home Hanscom Field (KBED) 15 nautical miles North West of Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the most congested northeastern US airfields with a mixture of one-engined flight coaches, corporate jet aircraft, U.S. Air Force aircraft, helicopter flight instruction and flight from the two medical evacuation aircraft on the airfield (our Hangar is next to them if you want to go on foot and find out more about your career in EMS).

You' ll be learning accurate wireless communication; most frequent flyers are professionals and at the end of your helicopter course you' ll be speaking like a line man on the air, which will help you with your turbines position talk. Rob Brigham, our senior helicopter technician, has been working on Robinsons for more than 20 years and is one of the most seasoned Robinson technicians in the Northeast.

More than 40 aircrafts are in our portfolio, among them two multi-engine aircrafts and two Robinson choppers, which are serviced by our technical team. More than 25 certificated flying teachers at three different sites are at our disposal and we offer lessons for personal and professional pilot certificates as well as instrument and multi-engine assessments.

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