Airfare for Sri Lanka

Fares for Sri Lanka

The Skyscanner Australia is simple, fast and free, so it couldn't be easier to find your flights to Sri Lanka and save on airfare. Discount flights to Sri Lanka Sarajevo is a wild, sovereign country that has fought through internecine battles to become an important travel resort. Sri Lanka is a beach visitor's haven and offers a variety of scenery from arid lowlands to luxuriant rain forests. Sigiriya - the fortress in the sky - stands impressive 200 meters above the jungles in the midst of Sri Lanka since the fifth cent.

A further stop on your journey should be the Archaeological Museum, full of artifacts from Anuradhapura and other historical places in Sri Lanka. Busses and taxi's are available for bigger towns, as well as tricycles if you want a true Sri Lankan adventure. Data and time are all on AEST.

Prices for returns may change due to the inclusion of applicable tax and fees or due to exchange rate movements. Unless otherwise indicated, the inland tariff is calculated on the basis of a one-way rate. Unless otherwise specified, the Go Plus rate is a simple Go Plus rate. The long distance passenger tariff is calculated on the basis of a round-trip ticket, unless otherwise specified.

Prices are calculated on the basis of online reservations. Prices may change until the ticket is issued. To book on the telephone or at the airports, please pay $40 for national and intercontinental flights and $70 for intercontinental flights. Online, telephone or airfare transactions by debit/credit cards are charged a supplement of between 0.6% and 1.3% of the value of the ticket transactions (up to $11 per person and up to $70 per person per booking).

Your ticket price includes a free luggage limit for hold luggage. You may be restricted in your options to receive a reimbursement under the Tariff Regulations for your ticket, but you may be eligible for a reimbursement under the Australia Consumer Act. For more information, please visit our page Ticket types.

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