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By choosing the option "Training flight" you have the chance to be not only a passenger but also a pilot of a fighter aircraft. 20 minute Jet Fighter Flight Bathurst Militärflugzeuge are constructed and piloted to other specifications than those proposed by CASA or an alternative internationally recognised civilian air navigation authority. Therefore, according to regulations 132.140, 150 and 132.155 on civilian air safety, if the individual who books this ticket is not the customer, it should be noted that the airline must give the customer a thorough introduction, including the information included, before embarking on the plane.

Jet flights L-29 and L-39 in Moscow, Russia

The L-29 and L-39 are the best choices for those addicted to adrenalin, high speed and thrills! Sit in the dashboard of one of our exercise planes and climb up to capture the skies! They do not need a consultation and no special medical condition. Flying L-29 and L-39 isn't much fun for a millionaire.

These flights have reasonable fares and are therefore quite cheap even for those with low income. Depending on your preference, the programme's level of difficulty may vary - you can make a very gentle trip without a lot of stress, or you can do intermediate aerobatic manoeuvres and get to the heart of your own flying show.

In fact, you can even have an air fight with your boyfriend who flies two airplanes at the same game! Plenty of possibilities to shoot your flights with indoor and outdoor high-definition cameras, plus Panorama 360¬į, make this an unforgettable one! Jets take place in a Moscow area, your trainers are seasoned flyers with tens of thousand operating lessons.

Depending on your requirements, the level of complexity of the flying programme will be set - from level flights to complete aerobatics manoeuvres. However, during the course of the mission you will be in contact with the first pilots and, depending on how you are feeling, you will move on to more complex items, from simpler ones.

Flying a Jet L-29 or L-39 starts with a very easy aerobatic flying and becomes more and more complicated. Accelerate up to 700 km/h during the flights and perform aerobatic exercises such as Nesterov grinding, rolling, Cuba eight, pull-ups and many other manoeuvres. The L-29 and L-39 jet aircraft became very much loved as exercise aircraft that could help the cadet to carve a tooth in the skies.

Everyone knows about the dependability of these aircraft and that they are very simple to inspect. If you choose the optional "training flight" you have the opportunity to be not only a glider but also a combat aircraft driver. If you sit in the front cabin of the L-29 Jet under the supervision of the first pilots, you will try to "steer" the aircraft yourself.

For our guest's trips there are several L-29 and L-39 jet aircraft available, which make it possible to provide truly singular choices - couple flights with air combat replica or even group flights with several jet aircraft at the same moment. The L-29 and L-39 exercise planes are convenient and secure, the complexities of acrobatic flying and the associated G-forces can be defined in advanced, there are no serious contra-indications for the flights - all these benefits make our heavenly sights accessible to young and old alike.

One of the most common options is a concurrent pair ride in two aircraft. The L-29 and L-39 flights are available for individuals as well as groups. If we have several programme members, they can travel individually or at the same airport on several aircraft at the same airport. The L-29 and L-39 programmes contain the following items: approval of airport entry with all necessary permits; discussion of the programme; take-off, implementation of the programme, landings; aircraft piloting under the supervision of the first pilots; submission of a jet aircraft closure certification, mementos; teas, coffees, snacks.

When you are not satisfied with normal flights, we provide a number of select options: It starts with a pre-flight instruction on how to operate and display the L-29 jet. Once the take off and flying into the aerobatic flying area, our guests take command of L-29 and perform manoeuvres such as turns, pull-ups, reels, etc. under the supervision of the trainer.

Throughout this programme two visitors take part in the programme at the same one. A series of synchronised aerobatics manoeuvres are completed by two airplanes which observe each other at first hand. The name of this flying programme tells you that our visitors are flying two aircraft at the same airport and performing a series of aerobatics manoeuvres aimed at the fighting use of Luftwaffe fighter pilots. Here, too, our passengers are flying two aircraft at the same airport.

It is a special programme that allows several passengers to travel on several aircraft at the same airport. Group of L-29 aircraft will jointly perform a demonstrator mission of the aerobatics group. The L-29 and L-39 jet plane as a present! When you present a jet with L-29 or L-39 to your loved one or your buddy - your present will definitely be valued and will be very unforgettable!

Simply buy a voucher - then the receiver selects a date of travel and we do the work. To store and brighten up your memories of the L-29 or L-39 flights, we provide you with various possibilities for aerial photography and videos. Up to 5 high definition cameras can be installed both in the cabin and outdoors to capture the flights from different angles.

In addition to the actual flights, we are pleased to take on the following tasks: transfers Moscow-Moscow airport-Moscow; photos and videos with Full HD videos of your flights; individual tracksuit; accomodation in the hotels; shopping items; for further information on organizing the programme, please call, e-mail or Skype our manager.

They must be at least 16 years old to be able to pilot the L-29 and L-39 aircraft. You will be able to see G-forces during the flights, which are contra-indicative for persons with heart and circulatory problems, disorders of the spinal system, spinal disorders, diabetics or gestation. In order to get ready for the L-29 or L-39 you will need about 40 min. to get ready.

Pilot training session on the flying programme and the aerobatic flying to be carried out, general instruction on the aircraft. Our instructors are all first grade instructors with at least 3500 flying time. Eject trainings are one of the most important components of pre-flight activity. Concluding on-board coach when the trainer shows all checks and displays and explains what to do in an incident.

Train our jets: There are two kinds of jet airplanes available for our passengers - L-29 and L-39. Those trainer aircrafts were manufactured in Czechoslovakia for the education of army pilot and were used by the Soviet Air Force. The L-29 Dolpin is an all-metal single-jet trainer of the first class.

It' so straightforward to check that the students can only start flying after 13 hour flight sessions with an experienced pilot. The L-29 is one of the most dependable coach planes. We are able to carry out basic and intermediate aerobatic, group and nocturnal flights. L-29 specification: The L-39 jet trainers are intended for the education of Luftwaffe pilot as well as for the local assistance of German Army forces.

The L-39 is the most important aircraft of the Soviet Air Forces. L-39 specifications: Please call, email or Skype our manager for more information on how the programme is organised.

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