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The City Taxis are the third largest independent licensed private rental company in the UK. town taxis Booking your cab in seconds with the new CITY Taxis App. Make a booking as quickly as possible or make an advance booking with a variety of payments methods, which include money, credit cards and corporate accounts. You can also use the app to make your booking. The new CITY Taxis App is controlled by the CITY Taxis App driver which means that you can use your CITY Taxis App in Great Britain, Ireland and the USA!

With the CITY Taxicab application you can reserve a cab with a renowned regional firm in the following cities: London, Sheffield, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, London, Liverpool, Leicester, Loughborough, Luton, Stockport, Cambridge, Dublin, Milton Keynes, Belfast, Oxford, Birmingham in Great Britain & Ireland & Charlottesville, Virginia, Alexandria & Springfield USA. We are the third biggest privately owned rental firm in the UK, with 2000 licenced Uniform Driver and over 130,000 trips per Week through Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Derby & Rotherham.

We have teamed up with locals throughout the UK to get you "riide". With the app you can select your favourite car model, pre-book or pre-book for later and observe your chauffeur in front of you in front of you in real tim. With the CITY Taxicab App you can be sure to get to your final destinations.

Each of our cars is equipped with the latest technologies that enable complete tracking and tracing and accountability on all trips, allowing the operator to keep an eye on the status/location of their cab at all time.

City Taxis, located in Sheffield, expands with the acquisition of the Barnsley taxi company.

City Taxis, located in Sheffield - which just a year ago fused with Mercury Taxis - has expanded further following the acquisition of a taxi company in Barnsley. Downtown Taxis said that all 55 driver and nine call center employees of A1 Ace Taxis will be retained. Furthermore, the Barnsley company offices in Stocks Lane will stay open and will retain the same number 01226 28888888.

City Taxis General Manager Kevin Flint said: "Our new business combination is an entrenched family-owned business that works with state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of taxidisposition and telephone operations to our own high level of customer support. In addition, our Enhanced CRB certified uniforms now allow our riders to take advantage of Barnsley's frontier tariffs, accelerating customer experience.

However, his ascent has led to several disagreements with cab companies around the globe claiming that they are not complying with the rules - which has always disproved Uber.

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