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Taxis Göteborg offers passenger services for companies, cities and private individuals. Or in other words, no taxi queues, time-consuming administration or trouble. You can choose between private taxi or shared taxi. The Fusion Hybrid Taxi is the environmentally friendly mid-range sedan that is ideal for the taxi business. Get a taxi or the local bus no.

Call & confirm taxi by phone 020-20 20 20 20 20 or on-line

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There are more than 200 locations available, where we can find the right one and try to find the right one - the right one round, the year round.

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With accessibility, punctuality and security as the leader we find where our customers need us and it is easier to see taxi, not at least in the service!

With accessibility, punctuality and security as the leader we find where our customers need us and it is easier to see taxi, not at least in the service! The price includes a total of 10 km of the track, which is 15 minutes long. The price includes mothers and any basic information for and with Typpresa for Vägverket's prescribers (VVFS 2006:85).

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Merger SE Taxi

The Fusion Hybrid Taxi is the environmentally friendly mid-range saloon that is ideal for the taxi market. Merger hybrids have been used by the taxi industy for several years.... and are proven in the big municipal market with their load bearing capability, guarantee and economical use. I-4 is a highly effective rechargeable polymer lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that offers the potential to lower your car's energy burn and CO2 emissions.

Atkinson' hybride 2.0L I-4 cycles drive train is linked to an electronic stepless transfer gearbox (eCVT). The Fusion Hybride Taxi's renewable brake system regenerates more than 90 percent* of the vehicle's total power during deceleration and returns it to the batteries, which are used later. Featuring an EPA-approved 41 hour mpg,1 and 43 citympg1 ratings, along with 141 hp, 129 lb.-ft. from torque2, Fusion Taxi is indispensable to meet your daily taxi needs.

And with the EasyFuel® capless tank, refilling at the pumps is easy. The Fusion Hybride Taxi comes with a 96-month electric component hybride guarantee and a 60-month powertrain3 guarantee to ensure maximum safety. The boot has a reserved 12 cu.-ft. capacity to carry the perfect cargo.

The taxi combining security with advanced technologies to provide a unique taxi pleasure. Distinguishing characteristics are: less corrosive heat and cool, smoother accelerations and a higher regeneration brake delay when rolling out. The Fusion Hybrid Taxi is fitted with a full range reversing system including front and front seats with front and front seats, two-stage front and front seats with front seats, side and back seats.

Horsespower and torque values reached with 93-octane petrol. ECO-MYEPA rated EPA-ESTIMATED FINEL ECONOMYEPA rated at 43 cities/41 cities/41 municipalities.

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