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Book a taxi from Grant Taxi Bucharest directly on your mobile phone! APK ZenSushi Bucuresti: ZenSushi Bucuresti. Bucharest, Romania. Contributions to Grant Taxi Bucuresti.

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The European Union has adopted a General System of Respect for Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Information (GDPR), the aim of which is to harmonise EU Member States' policy on the gathering and use of information. A further objective is to ensure our right to privacy, to safeguard our personally identifiable information in order to offer greater safeguards against the abuse of personally identifiable information by each of us.

  • the data of our customers like our internet protocol (IP), our browsers, our customers, - all information is saved 5 years in advance, - all services offered by our customers are saved 1 year in advance. Information gathered by Google Analytics is small text file that is sent by the web server to the web browsers you use and saved on your computer so that the website can recognise it.

The length of your stay on a site - at the wish of the public authority and institution. The right to gain full knowledge of your privacy: If you have the right to obtain from us a statement as to whether your personally identifiable information is being handled on your behalf, you have the right to obtain the information.

The right to rectify your own private data: You have the right to have this personally identifiable information corrected by us if you determine that the personally identifiable information we handle for you is incorrect. The right to deletion of your personally identifiable information (the right to forget): Under certain conditions, e.g. if your personally identifiable information has been illegally collected or you have revoked your permission (if the collection of personally identifiable information is dependent on your consent), you have the right to ask us to collect and store your personally identifiable information.

Restriction of processing: Under certain conditions, e.g. if you have concerns about the correctness of your personally identifiable information or have disagreed with our lawful purposes for handling your personally identifiable information, you may require us to limit the handling of your personally identifiable information until a resolution is found. Entitlement to oppose processing: Under certain conditions, e.g. if you have a justified interest in the use of your person-related information, you have the right to oppose such use for specific situational purposes.

Right to transfer data: If your person-related information is automatically used with your permission or to fulfil our contract relationships, you may demand that we make your person-related information available to you in a machine-readable form in order to transfer it to another person responsible for the information. They have the right to complaining about the treatment of your person-related dates by us at the responsible inspection authority.

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