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Ever since Delta Private Jets was launched, companies have acquired fleets (Lufthansa) or worked with charter companies (Etihad and Victor) to retain their premium customers. A billion-dollar unicorns, privately held corporations. The Private Jet Services team offers a unique consulting approach that leverages over a decade of experience to develop individual solutions for each client.

Global leaders in the production of private jets

The Airbus is best known as a manufacturer of large aeroplanes, often used by airline companies. Since 1997, however, the company has also been developing and manufacturing corporate jetliners. Offering the most advanced and complete jetliners in the industry, Airbus focuses on providing its clients with broad and roomy cabin options for touring.

Beechcraft Corporation, formerly known as Hawker Beechcraft, was established in 1932. To date, a selection of nine different Hawker corporate jet models is available. The planes differ in sizes and can carry between 5 and 12 people. Since 1916 Boeing has been producing passenger planes, and at the end of the 90s the company also started to enter the private jet world.

Boeing has recently developed 777, 787 and 747 powered commercial jet models that can carry up to 50 people, and also offer enough room for a main room, bath and lounge. The Bombardier Aerospace is the third biggest airplane manufacturer in the whole wide globe. You build an expansive palette of jetliners for the most diverse uses of your customers and group them into the Learjet, Challenger and Global series.

Those are lightweight, mid-size and large jetliners. Since 1927, Cessna has been manufacturing airplanes and has an incredibly beloved range of Citation commercial jetliners. Currently, eight different airplane types are in operation, among them the Cessna Citation Excel, the most famous private jet in the USA. The Dassault Aviation enterprise was established in 1929.

Over the past few years, many mid-size corporate aircraft have been built, as well as the bigger Falcon 7X with a length of almost 80 feet and a cruising distance of just over 11,000 km. Initially specialized in turbo-prop aircraft, the Brasilian enterprise has developed into the commercial jet market since 2000.

Its legacy model range is very much in demand as a mid-range model and its profit is further boosted by its Phenom and Lineage series. Established in 1958, Gulfstream Aerospace has manufactured a range of highly acclaimed large and middle sized corporate jetliners. The Gulfstream G280 is one of the busiest commercial airliners in the air and is currently waiting for approval of a new global speed limit connecting Paris and Dubai.

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