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Trooper buy $600 airfare to help desperate women get home for the Florida firing squad. However, when she learned about the shots at the Florida High last weekend, it came near home. Judson, after hearing the messages, only wanted to return to South Florida and be with her familiy. Pollack, 18, was the sis of Judson's brother's best girlfriend, and Pollack's father had been a paternal character for Judson's ancestors.

" that Pollack was murdered. Immediately she knew she had to come home in good order for the burial and for a Thursday evening watch. If there weren't two generously proportioned policemen from the state of New York.

I just got out of the truck and began to cry" Judson, who works in PR, began looking for air travel on-line, in the hope that it would be a fast and inexpensive one. However, by the amount of elapsed space she needed to get to the airfield, the only space left on the plane she was looking at had gone up for sale.

"Just got out of the van and began to cry because I realised that this (flight) was the only thing that separated me from New York and Florida," she said. As Judson made his way to the terminals, he met the Trooper - Robert Troy and Thomas Karasinski - who found that she was looking angry.

and that she was trying to buy a last-minute plane fare to Florida. But she wasn't sure if she or her loved ones could buy it. And Judson went to the ticketing desk and shouted at her Mom in tears, trying to find a way to make the plane work. "The one-way pass was over $600.

And Judson tells the officer they don't have to do it. Maybe good practice could tell us what the troopers did for them. Her JetBlue plane arrived at West Palm Beach around 16:30. Parkland picket began at 6:00. Judson made it in there.

Locally, the two local officer agreed to share the costs of Judson's plane and help her get home to her home. Yet Judson said she was impressed by her generousness and sympathy.

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