Private Planes of Billionaires

Billionaires' private planes

Many people do not do it because the private aircraft is either owned by one of their companies. Seems you need to buy a plane. That meant that it was the obvious choice for the Saudi billionaire Prince Al-Waleed to transform himself into his own private plane!

The reason private planes are the next big thing for "poorer" millions.

It predicts "cash-rich, time-poor" individuals who are looking for an exchange of assets such as "flash clocks and speedy cars", which are a classic icon of riches for "experiential" expenses for luxurious trips, as "people are willing to afford a better experience". Briffa said that while the average private aircraft proprietor is still a 60-year-old man, there is a "new type of client, far younger than the average private aircraft proprietor, equally likely masculine or feminine, looking for a personalized welcome, something special and unique".

Private jets are forced to enter new market places as their established client bases dry up.

Have a look at the private planes in the possession and use of global commanders, billionaires and royalty.

Specialising in private jet and air charters, Air Charter Service has used research from 20 of its worldwide agencies to prepare the survey. Others, however, such as China's Xi Jinping, who borrows aircraft from Air China, have a more humble taste. Here is a more detailed look at the private planes used by some of the richest and most empowered individuals in the globe.

Whatever aircraft the presidential has on board, it's called Air Force One. The 747 have been in service for over 25 years, making them the oldest private jet in the series. This 370 sqm cubicle has its own master room, bath, gym as well as an own surgery room and a fully functional surgery room.

In contrast to other global players, China's Xi Yinping does not own a private plane. Instead, it operates one of two Boeing 747-400s, which are held by Air China and are normally used as scheduled services. Up to two week may pass before the safety crew at Jerping has checked the plane before it is considered secure.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has a 195 million pound less luxurious Airbus A330 that can carry 160 people, making it the biggest production aircraft on the roster. Roman Abramovich, the Russia military businessman, has a Boeing 767-33AER with a special anti-ballistic defense system and is known as "the Bandit" because of its clear marking around the window.

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