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Select us for cheap local trips, airport transportation and free bar shuttles! Alfa's collapsing: Taxi driver from London rushes for renewal of cover London's taxis and minicabs sent a text alert to tens of millions of London cab and mini-cab riders informing them that their policy had been canceled. On Tuesday, the company alpha, which insures riders through Cover My Cab and Protector, filed for insolvency. As many as 700 cabers and 10,000 mini cabers are affected, said the Licensed Taxicab Driver Association.

On Wednesday, lines were seen outside the London Protector Bureaux. Moroney, a queued taxi cabbie, said he had a message that he was no longer covered during his work last evening. Abdel Hamid, another taxi cabbie, said he had been informed that he would not be reimbursed after paying more than 3,000 for a company insurance more than six month ago.

Said he had to line up to buy another plan, "otherwise I can't work. said Steve McNamara, general secretary of the association: "All of our members have been informed of this amendment to make sure that no one drives without it. Though we don't know it, some estimates that this missing coverage will impact tens of millions of taxi riders and mini -cabbers.

This means that they will not be able to work until they receive more coverage, which could have an impact on their livelihood. Waiting lines already exist in front of the office of brokers who have purchased Alphapoli. According to expert opinion, they have not seen any problem with the coverage of taxis and mini cars of this size.

Danish Financial Supervisory Authority said that those who have mandatory health care must find a new health care contract with another firm "as soon as possible" in order to get their mandatory health care. There is no clarity as to whether the driver will be reimbursed for the rest of their term of coverage. British Insurers Brokers' Association said it was "a very serious situation" and had "notified our member broker immediately" when it learned of the insolvency.

An Association of British Insurers spokesman said all taxi riders should "check which company is in charge of their policies so they can be sure they have the right insurance".

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