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Paisley Taxi Centre

Look who you know at TAXI CENTRE LIMITED, use your professional network and get hired. Taxilience - Renfrewshire Website To use a car to drive a taxi in the Renfrewshire region, you will need a driving license....

Where can I request a license? You can download an enrolment package with enrolment forms, guidelines and license terms from the appropriate section of the website.

Applications can be made in person at our Customer Service Center or sent to the following e-mail addresses, with fees and supporting documentation attached. They have to reply to every query on the questionnaire. Which documentation do I need to request a license? It must be attached to the application: a lease, if any.

What is the license charge? For information on the charges for all licenses, see the corresponding page on the website under Registration Charges. Also, please be aware that a charge will be made for all new signs needed for your car as described on the registration charges page above.

For further information, please contact the Civil Enforcement Officer. Here are the most important guidelines that would concern you when applying: Our authorised car lists include car models that are to be used as taxis.

What is the duration of my job interview? Whom will be contacted about my job interview? We will send a copy of your request to Police Scotland. If there is an opposition or substitution against my registration, what happens? In the event of an appeal or proxy being lodged, the motion must be reviewed at a Regulatory Functions Board session.

Which terms are associated with my license? You will be given a copy of the license terms for the taxi license when your license is given. All licensees are required by the Conseil to have a thorough knowledge of these terms and they must be kept as they are part of your license.

What is the duration of the license? As a general rule, licences shall be issued for a one-year term. Requests for renewal of an outstanding license shall normally be made for a duration of two years.

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