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Most expensive house ever listed in America. Most expensive house in Hawaii. Expensive house interior design. Leather seats in the interior give the car a particularly luxurious feeling.

.55 billion for Buckingham Palace, London

A villa is being created in Los Angeles' pretty neighbourhood, Bel Air, which could soon be the most expensive ever constructed in the United States. By the time it's ready, it will comprise a 74,000 sq. ft. main building and three smaller ones, for a combined area of more than 100,000 sq. ft., according to a recent Associated Press line.

Legend has it that the main room alone will occupy around 5,000 m2, which makes it bigger than many four-room apartments. "Most of the amenities in the whole wide range of the planet will be there," the AP said, quoting his client as a letter in an e-mail. Though unlikely to come onto the scene soon, the Palace-like palace of Queen Elizabeth II is widely regarded as the most precious in the whole wide sense of the word, valued at around $1.55 billion by Money Magazines, among others.

A part of this prize may be due to the kingly origin of the castle and a part to its position in London, a town whose country is one of the most expensive in the can. The Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, of which 52 are rooms for the royalty and their guest, 188 are rooms for the personnel, 78 are rooms and 92 are office rooms.

Well, the Queen doesn't really own the castle. It's confidential. It has a few other kingly hideaways, among them the imposing Balmoral Castle in Scotland. By the way, what the United States finds nearest to a Buckingham palace, the White House, is rated $381 million by the Zillow property website.

Mukesh Ambani, the president of Reliance Industries and allegedly India's wealthiest man, owns the tall villa, apparently called after a legendary Atlantic islet. This 29,000 square feet large villa is said to have 11 double rooms and 14 bathrooms. Witanhurst, currently undergoing refurbishment, will become the second biggest and second most prestigious villa in London upon completion, outperformed only by Buckingham Palace.

Overall interior area is valued at approximately 90,000 sq ft, increasing its value to an estimate of 450 million dollars. New York magazine feature entitled "House of Secrets: The " Who onns London's Most Expensive Mannsion " argued that the landlords were a reclusive Russia based government unit who were building their fortunes with fertilizers.

Soon, the most expensive home in the whole wide range could be the Odeon Tower in Monaco. This five-storey pavilion will have an interior area of 35,500 sqm, one of which will be a main room, which The Guardian calls "the equivalent of two and a half court sizes". "Perhaps the most striking characteristic is the open-air swimming baths and the sweeping, two-storey water slide, which is carved into the top floor of the edifice.

Also the old property saying about the three most important value determining factors "location, situation, position, location" seems to be at the top of the list. Some of the most expensive houses in the wide variety of the planet may differ in many ways, but all are located in places where there is a shortage of land and where price is high.

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