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The Business Jet Access is based in Dallas Love Field, Texas. BJA is a leading provider of aircraft charter, management, maintenance and pilot services. An MRO profile: Access to Business Jet Business Jet Group, Business Jet Access (BJA) and Business Jet Center (BJC), is a privately held company. Business Jet was founded in 1993 when Robert Wright and his Michael founded BJA, an airplane operations, charters, maintenance and consultancy company, on the Dallas Love Field. The Wrights added an FBO, Business Jet Center, four years later.

When BJA's charting and managing programme grew, the business evolved service experience and worked with its own family. BJA worked with 10 aircrafts on the Part 135 AOC, BAC 1-11, Challenger 300, Citation VII, Falcon 900B, Gulfstream GIII and GIV-SP, Hawker 850XP and KingAir 350.

Last year, the Zumtobel Group opened the main hall to the general public. Here you will find the latest news from the group. The BJA is also a Argus platform provider and possesses a Stage 1 certification to implement the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. Expansion of services A growth in the number of servicing operations posed a problem: shortage of workspace. At the end of last year, the firm refurbished a new 50,000 square metre site on seven hectares of land on the western side of the Dallas Love Field.

John Burnum was appointed until the end of the year as Head of Business Growth to concentrate on the expansion of the MRO area. "BJA will be able to significantly increase its MRO capacity and increase our administered air vehicle population. It has already enabled us to better service our clients as the extra floor area allows a more streamlined workflow for our team," said Brian Hoffman, Business Jet Access General Manager.

It is also "constantly looking for ways to help pinpoint and minimize potential security risks," said Hoffman AIN. "Business-Jet Access is leading the way in the implementation of the latest security initiative, which includes a security system management[SMS] and a fatigue riskmanagement system. "Using our fattyigue riskmanagement, we use the latest research from both government authorities and commercial organizations to help us detect and minimize excessive fattyigue for airline and air crew.

Keeping a secure enviroment in all stages of operations is Business Jet Access's main concern," he said. More than 130 people are employed by the enterprise, 52 of them with Business Jet Access. There are twenty devoted to MRO, of which 10 are A&Ps, two technicians in electronics and three in QA.

The Business Jet Center employs 56 people in its FBO Dallas and 28 in its FBO Oakland.

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