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However, despite the high cost of a private jet, there are some athletes who are proud owners and see the convenience that a jet offers as well as the cost. PLANET RIDE: Sexy famous soccer players with the craziest private jets In spite of the high operating costs, there are some so-called so-called private footballers. Soccer fans would not be amazed to learn that the best synchronized athlete in sports memory, Lionel Messi, has his own private aircraft. Brazilian and Parisian Saint Germain Neymar has two private jets.

As early as 2015, The Brazil International already invested 10 million dollars in the acquisition of its 12-seater business aeroplane. Neymar made the news when he hired a private airplane to collect the Serbia Serb and former Big Brother participant Soraya Vucelic, whom he encountered in Ibiza in the 2014 Summer. In early 2016, Neymar planned 6 million for a second private jets, allegedly operated by a firm named Neymar Sport and Marketing.

Beckham, one of the best pensioned soccer players, who has never won a big global championship with his own nation, has nevertheless made it possible for him to buy a private plane because of his professional achievements.

The 15 best athlets with the craziest private jets

Whereas just about every competitor in a dressing room can brag about having stuffed a car park with costly sport automobiles and luxurious SUVs, only the richest of the rich can really buy their own private jets. One of the few things that can separate the multi-millionaires who make up a top sporting club is owning a private plane as a symbolic of fortune.

A private jet's associated expenses are stellar as a private aircraft generates huge propellant bills, needs expensive hanger room and needs regular servicing - not to speak of the expense of recruiting a single pilots and crews for each individual aircraft. One of the fastest ways to incinerate what looks like a boundless offer of money is to buy a private aircraft, even the most indiscriminate professional spenders know.

In spite of the high operating costs, there are indeed many sportsmen who still believe that they can comfortably buy a private plane and see the comfort of a plane that is also valuable in terms of costs. Private jets also ensure that they can benefit from private life beyond what even first-class trips offer, and given the high level of awareness of many competitors, private life alone can be more than costly.

Needless to say, the 15 competitors on this roster all have their own private jets, which are pricey, luxury and indisputably stunning as a means of transport. This young Brasilian soccer player spends the $10 million narrated on his private plane, which he has used for a wide range of uses beyond travel to and from his soccer behavior.

When his Copa America event was interrupted by a headbut, Neymar took a little down time by taking his private aircraft to Las Vegas before going to Japan to sponsor. However, the impulse for his acquisition was perhaps not a question of expediency, as Neymar made news when he sent a private aircraft to collect Soraya Vucelic, a Serbia type that Neymar encountered in Ibiza in the 2014 summer.

Being one of the most competitive football stars in the game, it should come as no great surprise that Beckham has a private aircraft. Beckham's Learjet was originally bought to facilitate his long journey between his obligations abroad and his US-based wife and daughter, but his aircraft was on the headlines most recently because it allowed him to send musicians and families from his young son's squad to a German outing.

In Johnson, a Gulfstream G-III is the focus of some of his largest wins. Johnson's callsign, N32MJ, refers to the Hall of Famer intial and his jumpers, but unlike Michael Jordan (who also features on this list) there is no pitching to his five NBAs.

One might think that a CEO would dissuade the buy of a private jets, but the McGrady executive actually backed the buyback of the 2005 Falcon 2000 T-Mac. McGradys CEO, Gustavson Bass, said this to Sports Illustrated and said, "We're actually making savings with this aircraft.

As one of the best players who has never won a big league title, Garcia's winning record has allowed him to buy a private plane to travel from event to event with ease and sophistication. Garcia, a well-traveled golf player, sees his private plane as a convenient means of transport that keeps him well relaxed for the game.

Although Rodriguez's private aircraft is not adorned with "King A-Rod," as a recently photographed picture made many believe, the New York Yankee actually makes extensive use of its Gulf Stream, often flying to Las Vegas, Miami, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Key West, and more. A Rod's airplane slipped from a takeoff and runway when it landed in Burbank, California, in 2006, but the event did not shake the bat's belief in travelling in his 22-seater private aircraft.

Wood's careers in the game and endorse mentality deal may not be as profitable as they used to be, but the 14-time Grand Prix Champion still flies in a plane that mirrors the success es of one of the greatest players to have ever gone the extra mile. Besides several large plots and a couple of luxury boats, Wood's Gulfstream G550, the longest available commercial aircraft, is also owned by him.

Schumacher's net assets approach 800 million dollars, and he spends part of that carreer income on a Falcon 200 private jettison. Renowned for his seven-time Mr. Olympia and actions Hollywood actor Gulfstream III, he owns a $38 million Gulfstream III that once commuted from his home in Los Angeles to Sacramento, the state capital, where Schwarzenegger was governor of California.

Schwarzenegger is said to have spend a large part of his campaigns alone on travelling in 2007 alone, although he was not even active at the point. Not even his private jets, which Schwarzenegger himself financed out of his own pockets, are included in the number. The private aircraft of Tom Brady is in the possession of his girlfriend, the super model Gisele Bundchen, who purchased a Gulfstream G550 in 2008 and was planning to take over the aircraft in 2010.

The reason Bryant makes the shortlist is not because he has a private plane, but because he has a chopper that he uses to go home playing. Having three houses in Orange County, his trip could be quite tedious if he chooses to go, especially considering the strong Los Angeles transport capacity.

Obviously, most would just move nearer to work instead of buying a commuter chopper, but what kind of joke would a 4th home or LA flat make for one of the highest paying NBAs? Cuba is the only non-athlete to have created the listing, but the owners of the Mavericks' private aircraft are so wasteful that it justifies it.

Cuba' Gulfstream V was purchased for 41 million dollars (via the web - it is thought to be the biggest on-line purchase) and is equipped with 12 monitors that receive DirecTV, a subscription for which the owners of the Mavs have already purchased 500,000 dollars. Cubans once used his private plane to take his gamers to a Boston match when the team's charters were earthed because of the snows, so they could get a foretaste of what it's like to have a net value of $2.6 billion.

One of the best golfer of his age, it's no wonder that Mickelson's careers and advocacy have enabled him to lead a luxurious lifestyle that encompasses a $7 million, roomy property in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Mickelson' s ambitious PGA tour plan, like many others, resulted in Mickelson buying a $60 million Gulfstream powered by a Rolls Royce engine family.

As many as 14 people can use wireless LAN, TV and TV while travelling on Mickelson's private aircraft. Michael Jordan's plane couldn't be described as anyone else because the Gulfstream IV has a Carolina Blue colour pattern with the legendary "Jumpman" emblem on the stern.

One of the richest pros, Mayweather was not afraid to show the booty of his fighter victory, which included two private jets valued at an estimate of $40 million each. Gulfstream IV is reserved for its large environment and Gulfstream V is used by Mayweather when traveling from his Miami and Las Vegas residences.

At least in one case Mayweather tried to persuade his driver to fly the private Ricky Hatton from Michigan to New York.

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