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Interior Learjet

That's a Learjet plane at your disposal. Rhymagine Super-light Learjet 75LXi is one of a kind in the Cabin Collection as it receives a special certificate from the Learjet 75, which is a more widely used one. Following what we learnt from the Learjet 45 design, we took two chairs away and substituted them with fold-down ottoman chairs and used many of the same features, among them our legendary bass ball seam and our striking metallic highlights, with even stronger padding options such as stone-grey leathers.

It is a dignified follower of the extremely beloved Learjet 45. The distinctive interior combines a grey colour range with supplementary texts and sophisticated undertones. Throughout the entire cab there are highlights on hammered steel fittings. Toilets are tastefully equipped with alligator skin and a tap. The interior is characterised by clear aesthetics, a contemporary colour range and subtile texts.

Pebble coloured leathers and a canvas side wall ensure heat, acoustic insulation and visibility throughout the entire cab. Manually stitched ball seams are a trademark of several interior spaces of the acclaimed flagship collection, the so-called LS iC. Wide, soft colours make a contemporary and ancient impression. An abundant, interwoven canvas side wall adds to the warmer, troubled cowhide seating while at the same time attenuating the surround music.

The entire cab features hammered fittings and bouquet pattern leathers. Manually stitched ball seams are a trademark of several interior spaces of the acclaimed flagship collection LXi Cabin Collection. Thanks to state-of-the-art aircraft aerodynamics and high-performance, high-efficiency Honeywell power units that make the Learjet 75LXi the world' faster aircraft in its category, your most common targets are nearer than ever before.

Bombardier's Bombardier heritage of innovative and border-crossing products is continued in this plane - a heritage integrated into every facet of this jets, from power to cabins.

A new interior on Learjet 75

It separates the cab from the dashboard and kitchen area and lowers the sound level in the cab by up to eight decibels* while at the same time providing an individual home for each passenger. An additional FAA certification has been issued to the aeroplane and the first of its kind will be issued during the EBACEvention.

Learjet 75 is fitted with an ultra-modern, luxury and longest cab in its Class. Featuring a large cross-section and a uniquely shallow bottom configuration, the airplane can be easily accommodated for either six or eight occupants, with the highest standing height, the best agility and the greatest leg room of any Light Jets competition.

The Learjet 75 airplane occupants have direct connection to their own power socket and a 7" pop-up screen, which is attached to the audio system and can listen to different films or sounds depending on their seating position. A little more than two years after the start of operation, the landmark was achieved. As the only commercial jets in its category, it features an eight-seater twin cockpit layout with low ground throughout the cab and ample leg room.

Also available in a six-seater configuration, the Learjet 75 offers improved passenger convenience and increased efficiency. With its more powerfull engine and new wing tip construction, it can travel at Mach 0.81* and reach an altitude of 51,000 feet, while the Learjet 75 can reach an extraordinary cruising distance of more than 2,000 NM (3,704 km)*.

Featuring a new cab interior system with personal touch screen displays and full voice and visual controls, full airplane wide beam LEDs, large luggage collection and a large on-board kitchen to optimise caterings. With the Learjet 75, four travellers and two members of the flight crews can travel non-stop from Geneva to Cairo*.

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