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Each day we search and report on the best we can find from Alaska Airlines. About Alaska Headquartered in Seattle, the company operates an averaging 1,200 weekly services to 115 cities in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica. Through its Seattle (SEA) hubs, Alaska services its 44 million annually serving clients from its major hubs of Anchorage (ANC), Los Angeles (LAX), Portland (PDX), San Francisco (SFO), San Diego (SAN) and San Jose (SJC).

Many Alaska Airlines passengers can participate in Mileage Plan, the airline's fidelity programme. Although Alaska is not a member of any of the three large airlines although it has a large number of code share arrangements with various airlines. The airlines in question are Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and LATAM. Alaska based Flyer members can join Club 49, a free programme that offers added value such as special give-away bag and discount tickets.

Searching for Premium Space on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has long been offering more Hawaiian to continental services than any other airline - even more than Hawaiian Airlines. It is doing so in parallel with its large West Coast and State of Alaska networks. The use of the British Airways Executive Club is one of the best ways to get reward trips on Alaska, as the two are equal parties.

There are no additional charges for Alaska on any of its routes, so there is nothing for British Airways to do. Alaska' s global airline business is also strongly geared towards non-stop services and therefore fits well with British Airways' distance-based price model. From 2 February, a unique class will be available for 1,151 mile or less within North America.

Each flight under 1,150 nautical miles is only 7,500vios. Less than 2,000 mileage - includes any West Coast to Hawaii flight from any West Coast gateway - is 12,500 pounds ofvios. Travellers can collect more Aviation Points through the Chase British Airways Visa debit line or by transmitting Membership Rewards and Ultimate Rewards points collected with other debit lines.

On its website British Airways does not show any Alaska Airlines flight. Luckily, British Airways waives the $25 call centre charge as Alaska Airlines rewards cannot be purchased on-line. Alaska Airlines' website is the best and most visible way to find an awardee. There is a useful diary to browse through many appointments at once, and the small size of Alaska's extensive travel system means that no specific moves are required to build sophisticated travel routes.

You must, however, familiarise yourself with the Alaska Airlines Reward Summary to see which flight(s) will be available when Avios is redeemed. Much of the recognition that Alaska provides, even when shown in the "lowest" categories, is given only to its own members of the plan. Sorry, but none of the February 12 accolades can be purchased through British Airways.

This February San Jose to Maui reward diary shows rewards at 20,000 mph, 30,000 mph and 40,000 mph, for example. Each of 20,000 and 30,000 mileage will be displayed in the "lowest" categories according to which categories are available, but only 20,000 mileage will actually be available to affiliates such as British Airways.

Travel early in the month, when honors are only 20,000 Alaska mile, will bring better results. Keep in mind that British Airways uses a distance-based reward graph and rates each sector individually. While Alaska can calculate the same number of mileage, connecting to Alaska increases the costs of a reward you book with Avios.

AS803 flight on 2 February should be available to be booked with Avios. The AS405 and AS863 are also available, but this route will be more costly. When you are living in a place like the San Francisco Bay Area or the Los Angeles Basin, you should click on the "All Search Options" button on the front page and let Alaska search other close-by airfields to prevent a connection.

Sorry, the calendaring feature is not available when looking for several aerodromes. They can perform a similar procedure for trips to other goals. Rewards within the adjacent USA, Alaska and Canada can be calculated at either 12,500 or 20,000 Alaska mileage per trip, but only the 12,500 mileage award is available to British Airways.

When you randomly search for an honor anywhere within a state, you may see additional rebates at 7,500 or 12,500 Alaska mileage. You can only book the 7,500-mile rewards through affiliates. You can also search for Alaska's premium room on the American Airlines website as a fall-back technique.

Every room made available to a business associate like American Airlines should also be available to British Airways - and those with more American Airlines mileage might choose to use it instead. American search also includes local airport searches, even if you use a calender. As soon as you have the flight you need - and hopefully it's a non-stop route - you can get to British Airways at 1-800-452-1201.

Services are courteous; be free to voluntarily provide your flight information and ask the agents to waive the reservation charge if they do not seem familiar with Alaska Airlines.

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