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There are eight major airports in the southwest of the United States where Cutter Aviation operates. Albuquerque is a full-service aviation company serving New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) We have a skilled line maintenance and technical support crew to make your stay in Albuquerque a memorable one from beginning to end. NATA Headquarters is a NATA Security 1 certified and professional company. Our NATA Security 1 certified and certified personnel is professional in training to provide the best in security, support and effectiveness for your aircrafts.

Accommodation, floor transport, meals and anything else you or your passenger and staff may need during your stay will be provided by our expert staff of our Visitor Support Team. Below you will find our selection of some of our favourite sites near Albuquerque Int'l Sunport. If you are looking for accommodation in a different area of Albuquerque please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Helicopter for an ambulatory service firm and I have been visiting Cutter ABQ on a regular basis over the last few years. All I wanted to do was share with the managers how much I was amazed by the kind and supportive people and the neat and kind amenities. In the midst of a hard working morning or night, the employees were always kind, supportive and professionally.

Stop for gas at Cutter was a delight, not an obligation. Rollers in a plunger individually - held at the cutting unit KABQ in both directions. Carrie at Cutter was fantastic! Ticket office personnel are really friendly; line managers are really quick! Thank you Cutter, you're still our favourite FBO! A great experiance and an excellent customer care.

Here we made a stop again on a journey to the east and found the same excellent services as before. B-17 was on its loading bay and was lobbied for touring and driving, but the cutter team was polite and responsive, making the whole event here enjoyable. Flying in several flights a day, we appreciate the high level of our services.

Extremely kind personnel, neat amenities and free, fantastic brownies and rose soda! All my experiences with cutters at KABQ have been outstanding. Last weekend I halted in my bonanza, which went from California to Oklahoma, and quit comeback. Everybody was kind and supportive, from ticket office personnel to line personnel.

With an AOPA ticket, you grant a 25 cent rebate on the price of petrol and waive all charges, up to and incl. the accommodation charge, due to my buying it. Extremely kind, supportive and simple to use. Try Cutter. Last weekend I went to KABQ with a lightweight Gemini, spent a few days and had a first rate welcome from everyone.

When you stop in KABQ, stop at the cutter! Stop for the balloon party. Got my pockets, took me to a restaurant, gave my 4 year old boy a wood plane and some treats (after he asked me if it was okay), which made him happy. It was a very simple, fast and analgesic time.

Last week I was there again and got a great dinner as always. When I got there, I was parking in front and the airplane was put back in front before my return. ANOPA rebate on petrol is still in force. A year ago I also made a stop there in my Bonanza while I was on the last stages of a journey around the globe.

At every opportunity all employees - without exceptions - were inviting, kind and supportive in every respect. Consistent excellent customer care in every respect! We had Jeff drive us to the motel. The next day the aircraft was towed out of the hanger and refuelled on schedule. Cutter' s employees were fantastic! I had some goodies and drinking for the dog, took us to the guesthouse and came to pick us up in the mornings.

The aircraft had already been hoisted up, refueled and had even put out the carpeted rug. He recently entered Cutter at ABQ to transport a warrior who was handcuffed to a hand wheel. Cutter' s employees unrolled the "red carpet" for the injured veterinarian and his wife as well as the aircraft crews.

The FBO is supporting veterinarians and I strongly commend their work. Good personnel, good surroundings, lounges and good biscuits. A " best of " stop for our needs. Excellent customer care from all employees. California A.C.A. Contracts here fuels for jetliners as ours. Editor ABQ is my favourite FBO. Bringing the vehicle to the airplane and all the other little things, they always make it enjoyable to be there.

Everybody we were allowed to meet, from the safety crew to the employees of the line, was quickly with a big grin and a cordial welcome - even at 5:00 o'clock! It means so much to me as a flying pilot when I meet a crew of passionate and friendly individuals whose love for the things they work for.

As my spouse and I endured the rampage of our car and theft of our belongings during this year's Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, your staff did not delay in helping us turn a bad event into an occasion for good. The daily interaction with your crew was really one of the highlights of our journey.

When we can do something to get your staff to thank you when we get back to Albuquerque, please don't feel hesitant to ask. The Cutter in ABQ is a true classic. Recently I was flying with my Piper Archer to ABQ for a refueling stop along my scheduled itinerary, but at the end I spent the last overnight due to poor WX.

Cutters literal unrolled the crimson rug for us. Driven us to a place with a nice breakfast and a nice breakfast, they held the airplane and drove it for our early departures, and they wiped our windshields without asking. Used as propellant several occasions since May. Line services were outstanding.

I was happy to have Matt and his crew there to get help with the luggage, the car and the little things, as well as to get help professionally and attentively. Scheduled services were very fast. Well, I really appreciate the great customer care. Here we have halted almost every one of our sixteen coastal to coastal transits in the United States.

They' re very much focussed on serving customers, and even out of a small four-seater pistons single-seater, we were dealt with as if we were dropping ten giants on aviation turbine gasoline. We borrowed a personnel van to drive to supper, choose a resort and then went to the resort.

It was refueled and towed up in the mornings. I am here to thank you for the excellent services we got when we arrived in Cutter Albuquerque on June 30, 2015. Hertz' rented vehicle was taken to the airplane and filled with cool bottled soap.

Passengers switched quickly and efficiently from aircraft to cars. At ABQ I had to sleep in my Carbon Cub on an off-road trip and a boyfriend recommended me to use a cutter (typical verbal propaganda recommendation). Everybody there, from the line people to the reception personnel to the shuttles drivers, was very sincere and supportive.

Normally an employee in a business like this is not consistent, there are commodity personnel and poor, so it's just good fortune what you get, but I'm very much impressed to see the consistent nature of Cutter's employees, both in hiring and in provision. utter will be my go-to-FBO in the near term, without a doubt, I strongly suggest it!

Like any cutter site, there is an armada of line laborers, great corporate social responsibility (CSR) and beautiful institutions. A very simple transfer by vehicle, which is driven up to the aircraft for the passenger, and a courteous trip for the pilots to the flying terminals. Excellent all-round services and will be back. On Thursday 9 April we arrived and radio'd 80 mile away that we needed petrol, but wanted to see if someone could get us some hand meats for the trip to SoCal directly after the gas.

Best-of-breed services from almost every FBO out there and a great attitude. Thank you, Cutter ABQ. The cutter is a really first-class company. Recently I was with Cutter at ABQ and PHX. I had a great overall track record at every site. Cutter' s Apovionics store took it into their own hands, dealt with all warranty issues with Garmin and loaned a device until mine came back from Garmin.

because the last goddamn last goddamn stop here was fantastic. Held with a Piper Pacer through the cutter over night, but stayed two day due to start troubles at the end. Everybody was very supportive to get great prices and trips to and from Best Western (also very nice) and finally to the airport for the way out.

Arranging a guesthouse for us, we went back the evening before our trip by rented vehicle and took ourselves to and from the guesthouse. Many thanks for the great support we received from ABQ last day and for supporting us in the implementation of our Angel Flight from SDL to ABQ project, a great achievement and a great learning curve.....

On the way from KCGZ to KEPM we had an urgent land at KABQ due to an extreme smell of petrol in the cab. Can' t say enough good things about the way the ATC, Cutter employees, the fire brigade and the executive director of the airports dealt with the incident. Praise to ATC, the whole personnel of Cutter, KABQ Fire and the KABQ Operation Manger.

This is the best level of after sales services and technical assistance we have known for a long while. Excellent services, very kind and all around great FBO. I had my airplane with gasoline on schedule up. Radio ahead to order gas oline and a vehicle to take our lunches and collect our local people.

After our homecoming the right amount of petrol had been spent, chilled cylinders were sold along with the AOPA rebate on avgas and we were on our way. This was a very pleasant journey for Jim and Cutter, who brought us home to Spicewood, TX as planned before it got too late.

They were very supportive and kind. Our level of professionality and client care was unsurpassed. We' re definitely going back to Cutter when we get to Albuquerque. In spite of my sudden appearance, I got the same great facilities that I have gotten in the past. before I even entered the shed.

You found me a room in a really good price and you drove me over. I got a rebate on my AOPA subscription and the first night's charges were canceled. In the past year I have been visiting Cutter at ABQ several time. Meanwhile, the line personnel know exactly how to use my Eclipse (which makes perfect sense because Eclipse Aerospace is right next door!).

Reception employees are kind and professional. I' m on my way to Jim, a CSR at Cutter. Due to bad conditions I chose to stay in ABQ, he suggested a nice place to stay, got a room for me at the cutter price and took me to the house.

Cutter' s got my wholehearted approval. Just another great editor FBO. The line crews treated us very effectively, even though they had to operate and charge an Airbus at the same both. Our client services have made us a good offer of hotels and organized the transport with friendly permission. Me and my dad left for Albuquerque last night in a black-and-white Cessna 182.

Their co-workers were treating us as if we were going to fly something much bigger and more costly. They didn't need much petrol, but they still treat us very well. According to this definiton, your squad showed an incredible personality. Of the line personnel who literaly rolled out the scarlet rug when we arrived at the reception and recommended a very good locale dining, your personnel is first class.

Immediately the reception lady got together with the line staff and found a guesthouse in spite of big sports events in the town, drove there and back the next mornings. Cutters aren't inexpensive, but there's no better place to be. Having paid for the gas oline, he chose to have dinner, and the bar staff suggested DION's. Every employee has provided outstanding levels of client support!

If necessary, we will come back on our field tours to refuel and wait. The same great services even at shorter times and without reservations. The charges were reduced with a minimal purchasing of fuels and an AOPA member rebate. Although it was only a Kherokee they cared for, the level of customer care was high.

Extreme good customer care, couldn't have been better.... Slept over at Cutter's last night. Together with the FBO, which was to be used at KABQ, the consensus response was "Cutter". Fast, courteous staff who try to help in any way they can. I' ll be back at KABQ this past Sunday, using Cutter again. By the time we got to the FBO, Alexandra was multitasking talent, and Promise and Melissa were so kind and pro.

We were so excited about Kerrie both on the platform and inside - she obviously raises the standard for client support - and she is leading by example. Some of the most supportive, kind and proffesional crews we have ever seen are the members of the line team. Thank you Cutter and we can't wait to return to your KABQ site.

Equal good services and discounts for AOPA members. I had a great deal of my own Cutter ABQ time last fortnight. Just the night before my arrival, I went to AirNav and got a web chats with a consultant and checked the cutter website. You quickly organized everything for our visit, inclusive rent a cars and a great rebate at the H├┤tel Andaluz (great fashion store in the city centre!).

Arriving on Wednesday they took the vehicle directly to the Cirrus and gave us the way to the hospital. On the next morning the plane was already full as desired and we got an AOPA gas rebate. Hats off to the Chantel, Kerrie and Elizabeth support teams and the Cutter ABQ line crews!

I have used cutters at other aerodromes in the past and the same great level of support was provided at that site. For a 20 gal petrol buy, the dock charge and the binding of the first overnight stay will be canceled. All AOPA members get a 25 cent per gallery rebate. Cutters definitely set a high level for FBOs.

A promise was made when arranging Shanghai, Hotels & Transport almost before we could lower the bottles of bottled running hot and cold running hot and cold running them. The next mornings the airplane was abandoned and refuelled on schedule & Kerrie assisted with the baggage and marched us out. What particularly struck me was how accommodating all the employees were, even when handling a few teams who didn't have to have a good one.

Superior customer care. Checksea hit my airplane last night, packed my pockets out of the airplane and put them in my rented vehicle awaiting the loading bay, and didn't let me dispose of my own garbage. So they asked me to call in advance today, and they would tow my airplane to the front of the loading dock, and when I phoned and talked to Adam, they had already done it.

ABQ Cutter knows the services and everyone is on the same page. And so I went in my more than modest 1947 Ercoupe into the cutter and parks next to a Lear. My personnel treat me like a prince! Linesmen and women were supportive and kind, as were receptionists both in the evenings and the next mornings.

On the next day, my airplane was at stake and was waiting for me at exactly the right moment. Installations are very good, with everything you could wish for, high-speed web access and comfortable seating; but I found that it was the cutter guys who really made the big deal. First class expertise on a rapid route.

Excellent amenities, great services. Free shuttles to the nearby hotels and my airplane was in front and prepared for my trip with a lead time of 30 minutes. Waiver of a one-day Rampengeb├╝hr for the gasoline purchase. Off for the nights from 19.11.15. to 15.11. SRs provided assistance with making reservations for hotels and transporting politeness. Great services all with a single thumb.

Hangar, Auto, Fuel, etc. It took two full tankers to reach the required mass. It' still a great one. AOPA members get 25 Cent per gallery off (make sure you have your member card). Accommodation is now $20 per person per night, excluding the first nights when purchasing petrol.

Editor ABQ is my favourite FBO. Bringing the vehicle to the airplane and all the other little things, they always make it enjoyable to be there. He came here in a Mooney for a fast refueling stop. Superior client support and a great institution in general.

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