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The Spectrum Business Solutions is a BBBEE Level One company. Trunk Services Portal offers your company real-time control over your Trunk Services from any Internet connection. Its business segment comprises the provision of computer-related services and consulting. Sites of Spectrum Business Solutions for sale and rent and other Spectrum Business Solutions commercial real estate information. Spectrum Business offers a variety of Internet solutions, including high-speed, Wi-Fi and fiber solutions.

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Time Warner was formerly Cable Business, which is now called Spectrum Business Solutions. Bad training of new staff (it took forever for a computer to be purchased, the furnishing of the offices was gradual and not correctly allocated in the corporate systems). There was also too much policy and immoral behaviour between dirty salespeople and their manager.

At that time, senior staff were not good at assisting staff in discussions of topics with them. There was a lot of bribery and unfair behaviour (favoritism) between some executives and their marketing staff.

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No matter if your company wants to guarantee the availability of the networks, use dependable speech connections or transfer important information error-free, you can rely on Spectrum Business Fiber solutions for your business crucial requirements. There' s no comparing what you get with Spectrum Business compared to conventional telecom operators. arter Business Optical Ethernet provides dependable, ultra-fast Layer 2 WAN connectivity from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Select from point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint (any) networking between two or more physical facilities, with the option to expand location or broadband as your business expands.

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The Spectrum Business division provides web services for companies of all shapes and sizes. Your business will be served by Spectrum. Specttrum provides high-speed web services for small business and business organisations. We offer both fibre optics and cables. Small-sized enterprises can receive schedules with 100 to 940 Mbps downloading web browsing speed. Included in Small Business Services plan are web services, a web host, a domainname, e-mail account, Wi-Fi for clients, on-line safety, clamp back-up and a fashion-model.

The Spectrum Business solution enables small companies to combine high-speed Ethernet with their telephony and TV broadcasting activities.

Spectrum offers enterprises end-to-end fibre optic fibre connectivity at rates scalable from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps. It also offers breadth of range of Ethernet connectivity solutions, as well as manages routers, Wi-Fi and high-band solutions for data-intensive speech and music. There are cloud as well as speech and TV solutions available for large enterprises.

Spectrum Business provides three different schedules for small companies that differ in terms of performance and pricing. Planned downloading rates are between 100 and 940 Mbps. Spectrum's startup rate of 100 Mbps was at least fourfold faster than many of the other ISPs we investigated.

There are three types of schemes that small companies have to pick from: Web: It has 100 Mbps downloading and 10 Mbps uplink speeds. Ultra Internet: This schedule has 400 Mbps downloading and 20 Mbps Uploading speeds. Web Gig: Schedule has 940 Mbps downloading and 35 Mbps Uploading speeds.

Every map includes a number of useful functions, among them: The SiteBuilder app from Spectrum Business allows you to build a custom website for your business. It is possible to either sign up your own domainname or transferring an existent domainname and associate it with your website and e-mail services. Every Serviceplan contains 25 e-mail accounts associated with youromainname.

Safety on the Internet: Spectrum's ISP is made available to all end-customers. Antivirus, antispyware, antivirus, antispyware, an Internet Shield that prevents the penetration of intruders and other Internet-based malware, and antispam controls are all included. Both Windows and Mac OS are supported. Spectrum's small business services plan comes with free of charge back-up in theoud.

24/7 helpline assistance is available. In contrast to other ISPs that we have assessed, Spectrum does not bind clients to long-term obligations. If you register for the services, the rates offered to you are for the first year covered. Rates begin at $60 per months for the web services. But this can go down by $15 per months if you combine the high-speed web with Spectrum's TV or telephony services.

Spectrum's enhanced speech capability provides limitless calls and 30 call functions. They also offer three different TV bundles specifically developed for companies. Spectrum provides fiber-optic enterprise web connectivity solutions in conjunction with small business web connectivity solutions. Fibre optic connectivity enables high-speed, dedicated broadband connectivity at 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps throughput.

Spectrum Enterprises also provides a number of other network-related utilities, among them Industrial Ethernet utilities, Guided Routing utilities, Guided Wi-Fi and Wavelengths, a high-bandwidth offering for data-intensive applications, speech and music. Spectrum's Enterpriseservices support both individual and multi-location companies. The Spectrum Business and Spectrum Enterprises have much to provide to companies looking for a high-speed web experience.

An advantage of its small business support is the free functionality provided in each bundle. Domainnames, e-mail accounts, webhosting cloud backups, an on-line safety and Wi-Fi solution are available in every small business support plans at no extra charge. Some small companies could save a lot of money by being able to start a website and get associated e-mail accounts for their staff free of charge.

SPECTRO BUSINESS provides high-speed web connectivity for small and large enterprises in more than 40 countries across the state. Every small business plan includes web hostings, e-mail accounts, a domainname and backups in theoud. Spectrum Business is also proud of the fact that they never get clients to enter into a deal. Others have calculated significantly higher rates if you have not committed to the ISP for at least one year.

A further plus of the Spectrum small business web services are the high launch speed. Spectrum's smallest available Serviceplan contains 100 Mbit/s downloading speed - significantly higher than many other SPs we've investigated. A few provided start speed of only 1 Mbps, while most had 25 Mbps downloading speed.

Whilst some companies may not need as much performance and bandwith, the cost is what other vendors charge for their launchers. That means you get much quicker rates for about the same cost as other ISPs at about a fourth of the rate.

A disadvantage of Spectrum is that it will charge additional fees for a fixed Internet Protocol (IP) number. The majority of companies need at least one statical ip-address. Companies running a website or offering the possibility for distant staff to log on to their system via a VPN need a fixed Internet Protocol (IP) address. However, this is not the case with a VPN. Others that we investigated contained at least one fixed Internet Protocol Identifier (IP address) in their Small Business Access maps.

A further disadvantage is that companies have to charge additional for their employees' Wi-Fi connection if they are not on the Gig Services schedule. Whilst Spectrum provides Wi-Fi to all customers, the Wi-Fi business plans, which allow organisations to provide personal Wi-Fi connectivity for workers, cost additional time. So your workers can plug all their equipment - laptops, cell phones and tables - into your web services.

The Spectrum uses two kinds of connection.

Spectrum Business uses a coax line for small business servicing schedules. Spectrum Enterprise provides fibre connectivity for large enterprises. While both offer fast connectivity to the Web, the fibre links offer significantly higher bandwidth. Cox' coax uses the same wire to offer wire TV broadcasting as well. Connecting in this way, you can broadcast TV and your PC over the wire.

Spectrum's four-layered co-axial line is designed to protect the signal from noise and lost frequencies. Your coax goes directly from the company walls to your modems. Spectrum coax cabling supports up to 940 Mbps downloading speed. Spectrum's fibre connectivity is available to companies in their services area.

Spectrum's fibre links are available in 32 subway areas throughout the state. SPECTRO BUSINESS provides high-speed web connectivity for small and large enterprises in more than 40 countries across the state. Every small business plan includes web hostings, e-mail accounts, a domainname and backups in theoud. Fibreglass joints are constructed around a fibreglass or silicate bead.

Optical fibre cable is designed for several wave lengths so that it also meets higher demands for higher quality optical transmission. Spectrum's fibre optics enable companies to increase their speed and broadband to the full. Operating at 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps, it can provide speed control for all types of applications. Spectrum says fibre is perfect for large enterprises that need more bandwith to enable the upload or download of large file sizes, streamed videos and bandwidth-intensive applications.

An example of a company with these needs is a hospitality establishment. Spectrum's fibre optics web services have a guaranteed operating time guaranteed via a SLA. In this way, you ensure that your business never suffers from outages. Overall, we were pleased with the services we got from Spectrum Business.

In order to test the degree of assistance, we phoned the business and posed as a business proprietor interested in an online experience. After talking to a new client agent, we were very satisfied with the services we got. Spectrum's agent first verified whether Spectrum offers a fast web presence in our region.

Discussed issues such as schedules, velocities, features provided, install times, maintenance choices, IP address and Wi-Fi. And we were also delighted with how he was helping us find the right web browsing pace for us. They asked us about what we would use the web for and how many we had.

And we were glad how he led us through a few ways to saving cash for our services. At the end, the Spectrum agents didn't try to resell us if they signed up for the services immediately. The Spectrum Business division provides its clients with telephone assistance 24/7/365 a year. The Spectrum Web site is also packed with invaluable ressources, such as Getting started instructions and more information on gear, IP address, safety and WLAN.

If you need a Spectrum engineer to come to your home for repairs, the Spectrum contract states that this will be done within 24hrs. SPECTRO BUSINESS provides high-speed web connectivity for small and large enterprises in more than 40 countries across the state. Every small business plan includes web hostings, e-mail accounts, a domainname and backups in theoud.

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