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Tickets for Alaska Airlines for only $49 one way On Tuesday, Alaska Airlines started a one-day fl ash sales with ticket prices as low as $49 one-way and $98 round-trip. Fantastic offers range from $49 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas to $278 between New York and San Francisco, with sales ending at 23:59 p.m. on June 26, 2018.

While Alaska Airlines has a one-day one-way ticket sales facility for $49 and return fare facilities for $98, it's better to act quickly as these sales rates will go away at 23:59 on Tuesday evening Ocean Times. The best offers are $49 for a one-way ticket between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

This means that a return ticket between Tinselstadt and Sin City costs only $98. Between Alaska' s home bases in Seattle and Spokane, Washington or Boise, Idaho, air travel is also available at $49. Additionally, Seattle-San Francisco travel is available for only $79 one way or $158 return.

But if you decide to go to Oakland directly over the Bay, the costs for a Seattle ticket drop to $69. Seattle-Los Angeles services are also available for $79 one way or $158 return. There are also several great offers for long-haul and transcontinental travel. From New York JFK International to Newark Liberty International to San Francisco, for example, you can travel between the Big Apple and San Jose, California, for the same fare, or between New York JFK International and Newark Liberty International and San Francisco for just $278.

No need to say there's a smallprint on the sale. Entrance fees must be paid on 26 June, for journeys between 12 September and 19 December 2018. Sales price only for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday flight. You must also purchase all your ticket at least 21 business days prior to departure.

Furthermore, no sales fares are available for services between 15 and 29 November. Strangely enough, we found Alaska with a price that was even lower than the announced retail price. On September 5 and 7, for example, we found LA-Vegas departures for just $44 one way and $88 return.

In this way it is helpful to look beyond the official sales time. In April, Alaska Airlines formally fused its operation with Virgin America. Situated in Seattle, the company purchased Virgin America in 2016 for $2.6 billion and is working to become the preferred operator for the Western United States.

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