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6114 Nozzle boxes for Hermes+ printing and application equipment

A ventilator sucks the tags and blows them off with a strong blow of compressed energy through oriented jets. Max. spacing from package to peel-off board is 200 mm, dependent on package dimensions. Carved in a 8 x 8 mm perforated design, it can readily be adjusted to the dimensions of the tag.

The area around the labels is concealed by inserting it between the vacuum unit and the guide rails. There are five air-supported originals supplied. In order to facilitate labelling transfers, the labels are inflated onto the bottom of the pack.

The Wandsworth - Wimbledon Cab - Airport Taxis and Taxis to and from Heathrow, Standsted and Luton, Gatwick and London

Our taxis and cab riders are all well presented and professionally trained. Our services include providing expert cab services to and from all London aerodromes incl. Heathrow International Terminal 1-2-3-5, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London Cities according to our clients' needs - 24 hrs a day, 7 hrs a week. Our services are available to you on request.

No matter whether you wish a transfer from the international airports or a pick-up from another place, we take care of your travelling wishes. They can also view real-time air traffic information, arrival and departure times, airfield delay and all London information from our website, which includes Luton, Standsted, Gatwick and Heathrow.

That has made us one of the most used London airports taxis.

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